Xbox One has preowned fee - Report

Microsoft confirms all discs must be installed to HDD to play; secondhand owners required to pay an unspecified fee.


Microsoft today confirmed with Wired that all Xbox One game discs must be installed to the HDD to play and that while installs to other hard drives are allowed, users will need to pay an unspecified fee to do so.

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This fee was not specified.

In the just-published Xbox One FAQ, Microsoft addresses the preowned market with the following statement:

"We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We'll have more details to share later," the statement reads.

The Xbox One will not require a constant Internet connection to function, though Microsoft said those who are constantly synced up will see various benefits.

"No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet," Microsoft said. "We're designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready. We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection."

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I cant believe it would even be legal to do something like this. I know that they have stood down from this approach cuz sony showed them how a true business model works but still when I buy a used car or truck from a friend I dont have to send Chevy, Toyota, etc. a check before I can drive it. I cant think of a single item I own where company that made the said item benefits off of its transfer from one person to another. Unimaginable, and if this business model ever is forced down the throats of gamers I suppose Ill have to find a new hobby. Maybe I'd start going outside and being more productive lol

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Fees on used games, this far down the line and gamer's rightfully disputing it's seedy ethics, does sound like a court case gone OJ Simpson. What's needed is a tightened regulatory body to deter an inevitable slipping into a dark era of gaming as obviously, publishers have too much control over DRM games we buy to own.

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i blame the high price on consoles games . And i wont be buying a one this year, maybe never?

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i knew Xbox was a piece of shit brand, they started this when they blocked games from there own Window format, just to try and sell pc owners an xbox, some cheap skates early last gen got the xbox brand going but i been hping for there exit from console gamign for awhile, welcome to the 2014 Xbox Jaguar/3DO because this is there version of those terribad consoles. Free games are better than Xbox games no really they are league of legends has xbox players playing it now and ps3 these companys want so much money instead of just staying in buisness.

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Guaranteed, "various benefits" means more targeted advertising under the ever present, insincere guise of "we're helping you find what we think you'd like." Always on = facebook style data mining, and they'll treat it like they are doing you a favor.

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And their blind xbots who don't know any better will buy it with a smile

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I dunno why, but, the more i see things developing iam getting different vibes/messages from both the camps. Sony seems very rational, and seem to be giving off the message 'We are in it for the games...period!!!''

Microsoft?...''We are money grubbing arse-holes, we love your money too much, and we are going to squeeze every last penny out of you...Mwuhahahaha!!!''

Dunno, but thats what i have gotten out of em so far.

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I also believe that major gaming retailers such as Gamestop, EB Games, G2K, Best Buy, and especially Gamefly (due to their service of course), places that sell and trade used games should completely oppose this mechanic of the new Xbox and refuse to sell it without the ability for customers to sell, trade, and buy new games through them as opposed to being forced to do it through Microsoft and their bullshit pricing. In some ways I almost believe that this could easily be viewed as attempting to "monopolize" a particular aspect of gaming, and in this country aren't we opposed to monopolies?

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@LordOfTragedy For years now, after I buy a new game, play it until I no longer want it, I give it to my sister's kids who live a couple hours away. -they simply cannot afford a new game when it comes out.

Just like a dvd, music cd, lawn mower - the first use law here in USA allows me to give away, sale, or trade anything bought legally to someone else. This is like a car maker charging a fee to someone when they sale their car used.

Only this media has had technology catch upto it to where a maker can block used sales through tech, a class action lawsuit needs to be one of the first things to happen.

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Well, isn't this fucking grand? So what happens when this new Xbox decides to give me something similar to a Red Ring of Death or perhaps it just craps out altogether? You're going to **** the gamers over just so you can make more money? I had such high hopes M$ but you have done it this time.

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literally the only way ill accept xbox one at this point would be if all games were priced at 30 instead of bankbreaking 60plus tax which is 70... they dont have any fucking clue on how many sales they miss out on when people can only afford one fucking game if they have 100$..

am i the only one who thinks thats fucking insane? majority of gamers can only choose between one game whenever a major releases come out within a span of 1-2 months.

dont u think the industry would be better off if someone could buy 3 games(for 90) or contemplating choosing one between 2(for 60)?

the only good thing to come of this is that it forces gamers to see how good the game is before they choose to buy it, forcing game developers to not make a shit job.. and pricing would be based on how good the game is cause nobody is gonna hand over a week supply of food for a next generation duke nukem...

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@ThereWillBeNPCs actually I believe EA is setting prices at 69.99+tax. Sorry bro.

"We'll get rid of used games then raise the prices!"

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In the words of Lando Calrissian, “This deal is getting worse all the time!”

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why not just limit the number of times a game can be activated on a different system, instead of tying it to a single one? if a game could only be activated 3-5 times, it would be enough to make sure it doesn't get out of family and friends.

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Youre nuts!!!! why you accept that bullshit from Microsoft when you pay for that game and its yours and you decide whatever you want to do with it, borrow it, sell it, trash it, youre the reason why M$ do this, a zombie given up consumer that accept and eat what they throw you

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@KiriharaZro what I want is exactly what matters: I want game prices to go down (70 bucks for a short game is ridiculous) and I want developers to have my money. for years I was content with buying used games but I gradually realised it was not a viable system for single player games, since the author don't get a cent. I switched to pay what you want initiatives, playstation plus and steam sales and almost cut down on boxed games.

let's face it, independent developers are dying, and not rethinking the system will kill game consoles along with them. stopping used games on PC worked for consumers, publishers and developers, but only thanks to a massive price drop.

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I had this dispute with another a guy. We've been able to trade for years and only now, on top of day one dlc equivalent shenanigans, they feed us with 3rd degree bullshit. I can't see publishers lowering games prices with trade fees in mind as they're always making ways to grab your cash in or out of games.

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for you selling your game to a friend is piracy???? LOL the world goes nutts

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@KiriharaZro it's lame to support good teams with money? are you encouraging piracy?

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Lame, then do that with whatever you have, when you sell it send a part of YOUR MONEY to the manufacturer because maybe they "are dying"

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I'll just wait until I get definite answers before I make any decisions on next-gen.

Avatar image for MR_TUBBy

@Seifer_Randas Agreed. Until then, tacos and NES time!

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@PARTEMADRES Me 2 I currently own both, but if this is true. Then I will just drop xbox

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I'm probably way late to report this news since I've been working all day and away from this topic, but did you guys hear the XBONE will be REGION LOCKED?

Wow, failure on top of failure. Suck more M$

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@devak108 So it means I cant buy XBOX In a place and play in another state ?????!?!?!?!??! I prefer to dont have any console or maybe I buy a PS4 !

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This has already been dismissed as UNTRUE, so why is this article still here? More importantly, why are idiots still commenting about it?

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@vatorus what has been dismissed as untrue the fact that you have to pay a fee for pre owned games isn't untrue it's a fact confirmed by CEO in Q&A.

the fact you don't need an internet connection to play your games has been dismissed as untrue as you have to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours or your games will be blocked untill you do.

the fact that Xbox one is the dumbest name ever has been confirmed as true for a 3rd gen gaming system but as it's not a gaming system at all it's a multi meda peice of crap.

the fact that no xbox xbox 360 games will work on it unless you rebuy them thats if they bother making them avalible confirmed.

it looks like an early 1980's VHS confirmed.

the fact it will be over priced mostlikely break down with in 6 months of owning it confirmed (it's made by micro soft last 2 have)

it's hdd is too small as you need to install everygame to the HDD even 10gb per game wont last long with other stuff like movies and other tv crap.

you can't change the HDD for a larger one so you have to add more vire usb ports making the one box not one box thats not counting the fact u have to connect it to you cable box or what ever to watch TV through it.


so forget fee based for paying for the game and that the fact within 3 years M$ will shut down XBOX LIVE for XBOX 360 as they did for XBOX and all you 100's of games you can't fit onto your super small HDD will be lost forever and the fact you have to pay for the NEW XBOX live to play games that other people play for free there is nothing wrong with the Humungus BLack Stupidly named Black Brick

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@SirWizAlot @vatorus I think Vatorus is referring to this:

"[UPDATE 2] Sources have told Polygon that the Xbox One will not require gamers pay an activation fee to play used games, but will mandate regular checks to verify the authenticity of games.

Microsoft is also reportedly mulling over the idea of special "exemption codes" that could be provided to those in Internet-free scenarios, like active-duty soldiers."

Of course, this is not an official confirmation from M$...just more internet rumors being passed as fact.

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well, surely sold me back to Sony. I'll hang on to my 360's though, especially since I HAD TO LEARN TO REPAIR THEM.

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Goodness ... The number of comments on this post !!!

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PlayStation 4 will not block preowned games; people want to use their physical software "everywhere," says Sony executive.

Sony's freshly announced PlayStation 4 will allow users to play used games, Sony has announced.

It was previously rumoured that the machine might be looking to block preowned software from running, though Sony has now shot down this idea on the evening it formally unveiled its next-gen hardware to the world.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida allayed previous fears: "Used games can play on PS4," he said.

Speaking about consumers' expectations when they purchase a physical disc, Yoshida said that people "purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."

Another source speaking to Eurogamer suggested that a Sony patent uncovered in January, which would register software to one machine, and one machine only, never had anything to do with PlayStation 4 in the first place.

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and it will still sell really well, just like that first $15 CoD map pack. people are stupid.

Avatar image for Dieofnv

@downloadthefile not stupid, people just buy what they want

just the same way you buy your PS3/ps4 , pc or wii/U

Avatar image for steve4123456789

@Dieofnv @downloadthefile As he said stupid people.

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i love pre-owned fee's and i also like flushing my money down the toilet.

i'm getting xbox one!

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Next gen consoles ??? What is there to like?? Must d/l to hard drive, Must be online, Must pay and get nothing in return. Prob cant sell the console either. I'll pass.

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@dkslade You don't have to be online idiot. The problem is people's stupidity, like you, who misinterpret everything, don't understand simple articles, talk out their ass and don't research anything. The One requires an internet connection to provide all its features and to authenticate games, NOT to play games. F'in moron.

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@vatorus I have seen and heard mostly negative things for this and your comments are worse, I have invested much on 360 and would like to get the one but don't see myself going next gen with all these restrictions. I cant play my 200 plus arcade games on it either. What is there to like?

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"The Xbox One will not require a constant Internet connection to function, though Microsoft said those who are constantly synced up will see various benefits."

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@simon1812 @dkslade It will require a once a day check it, that's close enough to always online required.

Avatar image for vatorus

@Zignoff @simon1812 @dkslade Yeah, b/c checking on for 5 minutes is like being connectes for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go get a PS4, I wouldn't want to play online with an idiot like you.

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"connected to the cloud"
Doesn't that mean connected to the internet?

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Thank you M$ for signing your own death warrant. "Xbox one will not require a constant internet connection", but that's not to say that you won't need a connection at some point. That with the addition of needing connect to work, and this is a PR nightmare.

If Sony do the same, I'll either keep my PS3 or I'll get myself a snes!!!

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So Microsoft is all about creating a negative experience for the customer. So many of the new games coming out are shorter on the campaign play and to top it off they want to charge you to play them on multiple consoles. This has Bill Gates all over it and with his history of thievery this doesn't surprise me. He's one incredibly greedy bastard and given that he has recently become the wealthiest man in North America again.. his greed must be some kind of psychotic obsession.

Avatar image for vatorus

@philcoom Bill Gates no longer runs Microsoft so wtf r u talking about? And charge to play on multiple consoles? Since when can you play one game on multiple consoles without having to buy a copy for each console/ WTF r u talking about? Moron, go get a PS4, i wouldn' want to play with you online. You create a negative experience with your stupidity

Avatar image for Reloaded

@vatorus @philcoom

I can play my SNES games on my console and a friend's console.

I can play my Playstation1 games on my console and a friend's.

I can play my Playstation2 games on my console and a friend's.

I can play my Xbox360 games on my console and a friend's.

I can play my Playstation3 games on my console and a friend's,

I can play my Wii games on my console and a friend's console.

I can play my XboxOne games on my console, but not on a friend's console.

Notice something different? Your question "since when can you play one game on multiple consoles without having to buy a copy for each console?" is moronic.

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@Reloaded I love the Xbox 360 and its games. I like how the install to hard drive feature helped with loading times and slowed down wear and tear on the laser. Vatorus is an obvious Microsoft fanboy who also happens to be short on brains. Just dont give in and buy the console. Microsoft will lose their market share and backpeddle really fast.

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Obviously MS is greed motivated. Currently I have four 360 consoles in my house. Given this scheme with the One.. looks like I will have zero One consoles.