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Xbox One Getting Another $150 Controller, This One From Razer

Extra triggers, configurable buttons, and more.


Much like the $150 Elite controller Microsoft unveiled for the Xbox One at this year's E3, Razer today announced a $150 Xbox One controller of its own.

Called the Razer Wildcat, Razer describes it as a "pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade" controller. It adds four buttons to the top and rear of the device, which otherwise sports the usual assortment of two analog sticks, a directional pad, four face buttons, two triggers, and two shoulder buttons.

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The extra buttons, as you can see in the image gallery above, come in the form of two bumpers and two triggers. The latter are removable, while the standard triggers have optional stops that allow you to more quickly reach full input.

Every button on the controller can be bound to whatever input you choose, and the controller sports a "quick control panel" that allows you to quickly switch between different profiles. These can each have a different button configuration setup for various games.

Also of note is a 3.5 mm audio jack similar to what the standard Xbox One controller now features.

The Wildcat comes with optional rubber palm and analog stick grips (the green things seen in most of the images above), a carrying case, and a detachable 10-foot micro USB cable. The controller weighs 0.57 pounds, which Razer claims makes it more than 20 percent lighter than competing tournament-grade controllers.

Razer plans to launch the Wildcat in October for $150--the same month and price as Microsoft's Elite controller, which offers some of the same features, but also allows its d-pad and analog sticks to be swapped out.

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