Xbox One Gets Prototype 1 and 2 Bundle

[Update] Details, trailer emerge; PS4 version also confirmed.


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[Update] An official trailer has emerged indicating the Prototype Biohazard Bundle is out now on PS4, too. Activision have revealed the bundle will include "full HD visuals", as well as an improved frame rate and increased texture resolution. Finally, the publisher announced that Prototype and Prototype 2 will come to current gen individually on August 11 in North America.

You can check out the trailer below.

The original story is below.

A bundle which includes action games Prototype and Prototype 2 is now available for purchase on the Xbox One, Microsoft announced today. Called the Prototype Biohazard Bundle, the announcement was detailed on the Major Nelson site.

The bundle is priced at $49.99 on the US Xbox Store and includes downloadable content. Together the games are approximately a 17GB download. Prototype was first released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and follows the story of Alex Mercer, a man who possesses shape-shifting abilities and has lost his memory. The game was well-received in GameSpot's review, scoring eight-and-a-half out of ten. Reviewer Justin Calvert praised Prototype for its intriguing protagonist and storyline, as well as its ability to be challenging without becoming frustrating.

A sequel, Prototype 2, was released in 2012 and carries on from the story of its predecessor through the eyes of a new character. The game was positively received in GameSpot's review, although it was criticized for not bringing anything particularly new or inventive to the series. Developer Radical Entertainment has since been downsized, with remaining staff allocated to various Activision Publishing sectors.

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Lmao 50 bucks?!?!!

Avatar image for superklyph

Who asked for this?

Avatar image for ryan_1

cool i liked 1st and 2nd on 360 going to enjoy them looking better on the one but would still have to pay for them again

Avatar image for northArrow

Severely overpriced

Avatar image for shane33046

Great (sarcasm)

Avatar image for ProtossX

This is why you build a HIGH-END PC ladies and gentlemen!

this game is 5 dollars on steam or if your angry at the dev torrent it for free

oh and don't bother installing windows 10 craps gona have a sub fee like xbox live just stick with windows 7

screw microsoft/sony and the 3rd party devs GO HIGH END PC and teach them all the manners they need

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So can we get a 3?

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i want spec ops the line on ps4, never got to play it.

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Like sew infamous bundle remastered . I winfer sucker punch doing know

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The first game was great. Not so great visuals, the powers were the highlight of the game and the story for it was decent. Then they created Prototype 2 with a garbage bin revenge story, simplified powers / upgrades and the visuals were given a slight push. In the end that basically ended their development team.

Infamous was a decent game, but they never got the powers right for it. it was more like a restricted Prototype 1 game.

Oh, and shame on Activision for putting so little effort into this.

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Next Gen Remaster Race.

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I checked out the screenshots on Xbox One last night and it is halfhearted remaster at best. This is Sleeping Dogs, not Metro Redux when it comes to remaster quality.

Avatar image for wellplayedgamer

Head scratcher, but then again...not really.

Avatar image for vegasdog

Waiting on Master Chief to get my new X1. The X1 and Ps4 are both fantastic consoles by the way, stop the fanBOY bs.

Avatar image for relgn


This is real horsesh1t

Avatar image for zakaweb

I'll consider this at 20-25. I expect the price to drop quickly.

Avatar image for ResidentialEvil

Ok, the HD remaster thing has officially jumped the shark. I played both on the 360, but not until I was able to get both for about $10 each. They are simply not great games.

Avatar image for SpookyX

@ResidentialEvil: Why does it bother you that they are remastering games? I mean are you OCD or something that you need to buy everything released and cannot just focus on the games that are new? There are people who have not played them or would like to revisit them because they are fans.

Avatar image for ResidentialEvil

@SpookyX: LOL, why does it bother you so much that I made that comment? Funny you say I'm OCD about it, yet you clearly looked way too much into my comment. It's almost like it insulted you.

Lighten up. It's a discussion section for an article where anyone can give their opinion. In my opinion, this is silly.

Avatar image for vegasdog

@ResidentialEvil: We don't have to buy every new release? Thank gawd, my back log is huge. My other log is huge too.

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This generation really is getting worse by the week. I mean, I loved the first Prototype, but the second was ok, but I'll be damned if I play them again. This is the generation that we need to see a slew of new games, but instead, companies would just continue rereleasing last gen's games again...

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@JustPlainLucas: I think that there are just as many quality new games this generation as there has been in past generations but what we are seeing is less shovelware being produced and that is being replaced with these "remasters". I think this is preferable because it reintroduces a series to many new gamers and gives those who are real fans of a certain game to play the game looking much better. This is like complaining when they released movies that were on DVD to Blu-ray.

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Are they at least visually enhanced or is it the same versions that are available on PS3?

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Activision have revealed the bundle will include "full HD visuals", as well as an improved frame rate and increased texture resolution. Finally, the publisher announced that Prototype and Prototype 2 will come to current gen individually on August 11 in North America.

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$50 for this is some Activision levels of arrogance.

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Speaking as a PC gamer, I hope this eventually makes its way to PC, as well. 1 & 2 ARE on Steam right now, but neither of them are exactly the best PC ports. Maybe this time around, we can get some great ports for these very fun games.

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Lolz. $50? Nah, keep that "HD visual" bs. Games together are NOT worth $19.99 let alone a price of a full release. They were simply ok games. Nothing great. Visuals were bland and they still look so. Nothing was really tweaked in those game. Lots of overly simplistic AI behaviors for the enemies. Enemy soldiers were laughable at best. Everything was basically created to be fodder for your powers which, were cool, but overly OP and made you an invincible tank, even on the hardest setting. Story was nothing fantastic either. Run of the mill super-powers garbage. Just like Infamous. However, at least Infamous had enjoyable gameplay and great graphics to back up your city streaking lifestyle. Prototype just didn't.

This is simply a cash grab by Activision. Straight up, no hold barred, cash grab for suckers. Don't do it. Seriously. If you still have a PS3 or 360 or even Steam you can snatch both up for probably pennies on the dollar. Don't be suckered. Just not worth it. If you REALLY have to play them at least wait for a Fall sale or Xmas sale at the least.

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50 bucks for games that old and hasn't even been upgraded in the least bit? lulz Oh, Activision, you greedy sumbitches

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I find it funny how people are still comparing Prototype and infamous. How about instead of that we talk about how Activision literally put no effort into this past porting it?

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Played the 1st on on 360 and thought is was a great game. Was it great enough to play the sequel ? I passed on it.

As I will pass on the new gen versions. Too many good games this year coming about to consider a Prototype remake. Now if I never play the game I might consider it if the price was lower, say $39.99. Which will actually be the cost, well maybe lower, around the holidays.

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Wow, $50?!

Shouldn't games be good to warrant a remaster/remake? WTF is Prototype? Looks like a cheap Infamous...

Avatar image for XAF1

One word, "Joke".

Avatar image for roman4545

49.99 ? Wow.... very expensive...

Avatar image for blueinheaven

Insane price for two very average games and it seems to be digital only. Yeah, no.

Avatar image for deusvex

$50 my ass. They can keep it.

Avatar image for PS2fweak

Still milking that Ultimate Destruction code?

Avatar image for CDsmasher

49.99? LOL. I'll give you 1.99 and a used condom. Bottom feeders.

Avatar image for nightwing8823

I always thought the prototype games where generic. I rather see an infamous bundle.

Avatar image for gamingnerd121

@nightwing8823 said:

I always thought the prototype games where generic. I rather see an infamous bundle.

Funny how that works, because i thought Infamous was the generic one, and Prototype offered an actual power fantasy to play with.

Avatar image for tarp_master

So since this is coming to the ps4 too, that would make this a remaster, which would be pointless on the X1 with BC, unless you just want better res/fps.

Even so, was Prototype really such a popular franchise to warrant a remaster? I'd understand if it was Uncharted or Halo, but this game? Same reason for Darksiders 2...

Avatar image for tony56723

@tarp_master: It's not a remaster. It's a lazy $50 port curtesy of Activision. J

Avatar image for kazeswen

Wow they are really starting to cash in on these last gen ports. Seems like every game from last gen is getting re-released. Honestly, does anyone actually buy these? You can get the last gen version for like 5 bucks a pop, for all these re-releases.

God of War 3 is literally like 5 bucks, you can get both Prototypes for like 10 bucks in the bargain bin.

Who actually spends money on these re-releases?

Avatar image for mechag2

Be nice if they finally fixed the ****ing PC version of Prototype 2. >:(

Avatar image for zakaweb

Why so expensive?

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

This is one re-release that I would get since I have not played either Prototype games. Are they going to make a third installment. This is a good way to catch up. Depending on the price this could good.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

@Megavideogamer: doubt they'll make a third, while i actually enjoyed them i don't think either garnished much sales. I know Radical, the dev's, closed down after Prototype 2. I guess another company could take over the reigns, but why bother? This is just purely a cash grab...put in little to no effort and try to sell a 6 year old game for $50