Xbox One Gets Broken Age More Than Three Years After Its Original Release

It's been over five years since its Kickstarter, too.


Double Fine's adventure game, Broken Age, has had a long and interesting development history. The developer ran a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign way back in February 2012. In 2014, it launched the first half of the game on PC, and in 2015, the entire game was released on PS4, Vita, PC, iOS, Android, and even Ouya. Now, five years after its crowdfunding campaign, Broken Age is finally available on Xbox One.

According to a press release, the Xbox One version was made possible because of development support from BlitWorks. Its Xbox launch follows retail versions for PS4 and Vita that were made available earlier this month.

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You can pick up Broken Age on Xbox One for $20, the same price as on all other consoles and PC. It only costs $5 on iOS and Android, however.

If you're curious about the fascinating story of Broken Age's creation, Double Fine and 2 Player Productions made a documentary about it in 2015. You can watch the whole film here. Among other interesting facts about the game, the documentary reveals that Double Fine just barely broke even on the game. Additionally, if you want to read more about Broken Age, you can check out our original reviews of Act I and Act II.

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