Xbox One games will need to check in online, possibly once a day

The Xbox One is "fundamentally designed to be expanded and extended by the Internet as many devices are today," says Microsoft's Phil Harrison.


Xbox One requires an Internet connection and needs to check in with the Xbox servers in order to continue functioning, Microsoft has clarified.

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Microsoft's official line on the Xbox One is that it requires the Internet, but does not require a constant connection.

In an interview with Kotaku, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison attempted to clarify the position. The Xbox One "requires, at some point in the beginning and at various times through its on state, to connect to our cloud and to our Internet. That is to deliver Xbox Live functionality, that is to deliver download content to you, that is to deliver some of the innovations around TV and entertainment that we showed today."

Harrison added that the Xbox One's need to connect to its servers "depends on the experience."

"For single-player games that don't require connectivity to Xbox Live, you should be able to play those without interruption should your Internet connection go down. Blu-ray movies and other downloaded entertainment should be accessible when your Internet connection may be interrupted. But the device is fundamentally designed to be expanded and extended by the Internet as many devices are today."

But when asked how long players can go between having to check in online with a single-player game, Harrison said, "I believe it's 24 hours."

In another interview with Polygon, however, a Microsoft representative explained Harrison's 24-hour claim as a "potential scenario" for the upcoming next-gen console. "While Phil [Harrison] discussed many potential scenarios around games on Xbox One, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail," said Microsoft.

"There have been reports of a specific time period--those were discussions of potential scenarios, but we have not confirmed any details today, nor will we be."

Speaking yesterday, Microsoft president Don Mattrick reiterated that players don't need to be always connected to play games on Xbox One. "No, you don't always have to be connected," he said. "Gamers can calm down; we've got you covered."

For more information on Microsoft's recently announced next-gen console, check out GameSpot's Xbox One hub.

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