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Xbox One Game Preview Adds Survival-Adventure Game The Solus Project

Full, finished version is due out this spring across Xbox One and PC.


A new game has been added to the Xbox One's "Game Preview" program, an Early Access-like service that hosts unfinished, in-development games. The newly added title is The Solus Project, which is described by developers Teotl Studios and Grip Digital as a "narrative-driven, sci-fi-styled, survival-adventure game."

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In The Solus Project, which GameSpot editor Alexa Ray Corriea described as "Fallout in space," you are stranded on a "distant unknown planet." You're charged with surviving the brutal landscape and finding a way to save mankind. No pressure.

The first-person game will get regular episodic content updates in its Game Preview release. This will take the form of a new region to explore with every new content drop. The final, finished version of The Solus Project is slated for spring 2016 across Xbox One and PC, where it's now in Early Access.

A free trial for The Solus Project is available now on Xbox One, while the full game goes for $13.50. By comparison, the PC version sells for $15 through Steam.

For more, check out GameSpot's preview. Other Xbox One Game Preview titles include Ark: Survival Evolved, Sheltered, and The Long Dark.

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