Xbox One Game DVR clips shareable only through Xbox Live at launch

Microsoft's Albert Penello says support for YouTube and Facebook will be added by 2014.


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Video clips created using the Xbox One's Game DVR feature can be shared only through Xbox Live at launch, senior director of product planning and management Albert Penello has said.

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In an interview with Destructoid, Penello said support for sites like YouTube and Facebook will be offered "by next year."

Xbox One Game DVR clips are captured in 720p at 30 frames-per-second. The Xbox One will automatically record the last five minutes of gameplay. Gamers can say "Xbox Record" at any time to begin recording content at any point.

Players can then edit their video and spruce it up with voice-over and even picture-in-picture through the Kinect. The Xbox One also supports external video capture devices.

The Xbox One launches on November 22 for $500.

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