Xbox One-Exclusive Quantum Break Will "Leave You Speechless"

Remedy hypes its upcoming Gamescom demo for the game.

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The Gamescom demo for Quantum Break, the 2015 Xbox One-exclusive from Alan Wake and Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment, is going to blow your mind, according to its developer.

Writing on Twitter, Remedy said, the "Quantum Break demo will make you speechless."

Microsoft announced back in May that it will show off Quantum Break's signature "time-amplified" gameplay for the first time at Gamescom, which begins next week. Microsoft's Gamescom briefing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 12, and unlike in the past, this year's event will be streamed for the world to see.

Quantum Break is not just a video game, as it's also going to be paired with a live-action show. The game tells the story of the heroes while the show clues us in on the villains. The Quantum Break show was unaffected by Xbox Entertainment Studios' recent closure.

The game follows Jack Joyce, a man on a mission to prevent the end of time, fighting against the nefarious corporation Monarch Solutions. The actions you take will impact how the story unfolds not only in Quantum Break the game, but also the show.

Remedy Entertainment is also working on an iOS game called Agents of Storm.

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