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Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller Discounted In Great Deal From Amazon

The Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller is $20 off for Prime members.


The Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller is one of the best Xbox One controllers in 2020, and one of its many positive qualities is that it will work with the Xbox Series X. However, it is quite expensive. Thankfully, Amazon currently has the Elite Series 2 for $160 for Prime members ($168 for non-Prime members), down from the original price of $180. If you're looking for an excellent Xbox One controller that will keep you going for years, then the Elite Series 2 is your best bet.

The Elite Series 2 controller features three profiles for saving your custom settings, which includes button mappings for the four back paddles that come included with the controller. You also get four interchangeable thumbsticks, two of which emulate the size of the Xbox 360 controller. Furthermore, you can tighten or loosen the analog sticks to the exact tension you want.

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Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller

Additionally, the Series 2 adds a third trigger stop, in case you want an even shorter pull when playing shooters--the sensitivity even adjusts automatically. And unlike the first Elite controller, the Series 2 now features Bluetooth connectivity, though it's not compatible with every device that a regular Xbox One controller is. You can't currently connect the Elite Series 2 to an iPhone, so be sure to check device compatibility before you purchase.

If you want to take a closer look before you buy, check out our Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller gallery. It goes into detail on all of the controller's features.

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