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Xbox One Dominates PS4 on Black Friday, Study Says

Wii U is huge with the kids.

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The Xbox One was the best selling console at US stores, according to a study from retail analytics firm InfoScout.

A post to the InfoScout's blog said that Xbox One made up 53 percent of all consoles sold in stores on Black Friday while the PlayStation 4 came in second 31 percent. The Xbox 360 came in third with 9 percent (giving Microsoft a total of 62 percent of sales), Nintendo Wii U at 6 percent, and PS3 at 1 percent.

InfoScout collected this data from 180,000 participants who are incentivized to send in pictures of their receipts with their phones from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack, GameStop, and others.

66 percent of these participants said they purchased the console for their kids. However, that percentage changes dramatically from console to console. Not surprisingly, 92 percent of Wii U buyer's said they got Nintendo's family-friendly console for their kids. 66 percent of Xbox One buyers said the same, while 50 percent of PS4 buyers said they got Sony's console for themselves.

Compared to InfoScout's report from last year, the Xbox 360 saw the the greatest drop, from 30 percent to 9 percent, though Microsoft made up that difference with the increase in Xbox One sales, up from 31 percent to 53 percent. The Wii U stayed at 6 percent, while the PS4 went up from 15 percent to 31 percent.

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