Xbox One designed to be switched on for 10-year period - Report

Microsoft's next-gen console was devised with the intention to be turned on for the entirety of its 10-year lifespan.


Microsoft's next-generation Xbox One console was designed for a 10-year lifespan that would see it switched on for the entire period, Eurogamer has reported.

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Citing "inside sources at Microsoft", the article states that the design of the Xbox One was based on a brief that bore the 10-year lifecycle in mind, in which the console would remain switched on.

As a result of the desire for the console to operate continuously for ten years, it would be required to function with adequate heat dissipation. The machine's cooling needs has produced a unit that measures 34x26x8cm and functions "almost silently".

Fan noise would only be noticeable during gaming, when the AMD processor is under duress.

Reducing game load times in the Xbox One are also listed as a key feature which Microsoft is addressing. By retaining "game states in RAM while the unit is inactive", users would allegedly be able to resume playing a game with minimal waiting time upon waking up the console.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that the Xbox One will support 3D and 4K, the latter being touted as the next version of high definition. 4K is officially named Ultra HD and aims to replace 1080i/p as the highest-resolution signal available for video content.

For more on Microsoft's next-generation platform, check out GameSpot's interview with Xbox executive Phil Spencer on used games, always-on, and Kinect 2.0.

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