Xbox One Day One consoles back in stock

Microsoft says it has "found a way" to release more consoles guaranteed for November 22 launch; available now through official store, Best Buy.


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Microsoft had sold through its entire Xbox One Day One Edition stock, but additional units are now available through select retailers, corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi said in a release today.

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"We've been very fortunate and we're very humbled by the amazing interest by our fans on Xbox One. So much so that we're actually at this point sold out of Xbox One in pretty much all major retailers around the globe," Mehdi said. "But because of the great progress that we've made by moving to full production and because of the demand we've seen, we've found a way to create a few more Day One SKUs."

"If you're lucky and you're up on your retail website this afternoon, you'll be able to get your Day One SKU," he added.

The Xbox One Day One Edition is currently available through Microsoft's official store and Best Buy, though the launch version of the console remains sold out through Amazon and GameStop.

Microsoft today confirmed the Xbox One will be released globally on November 22, exactly eight years after the Xbox 360 went on sale. Mehdi declined to give specific figures regarding demand for the Xbox One compared to the Xbox 360, but said Microsoft is expecting the "biggest holiday release" ever in the company's history for the new console.

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