Xbox One Cross-Play With Another Game Confirmed (But Not On PS4)

Crazy Justice will have cross-play on Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


At E3 this year, Microsoft made a big announcement regarding cross-play. It confirmed that Minecraft would add cross-play between almost all versions of the game, meaning Xbox One players will play with people on competing platforms such as Nintendo Switch. Sony hasn't allowed cross-play with Xbox One (or any other console platform as of yet), but it was an exciting and encouraging announcement all the same. Now, another game has been confirmed to offer cross-play between Xbox One and Switch.

Developer Black Riddles has announced that its cel-shaded third-person shooter Crazy Justice will offer cross-play between Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Xbox boss Phil Spencer amplified the announcement by retweeting the post to his 486,000 followers.

Crazy Justice is currently seeking funds on the crowdfunding website Fig, which offers traditional, rewards-based backing and actual investment opportunities. Right now, funding stands at $26,665 of its $30,000 target. The campaign ends on October 20.

Crazy Justice is due out in 2018 for Xbox One, Switch, and PC, as well as PS4. However, it sounds like there won't be cross-play support on PS4. You can learn more about Crazy Justice through the videos above and below, and on Fig here.

In March 2016, Microsoft extended an invitation to other online networks to connect to Xbox Live to allow cross-play between Xbox and competing consoles. While Nintendo is on board, Sony has held out. The company says it won't connect PlayStation Network to outside networks, in part because it fears for the safety of its users.

Just last week, Spencer said conversations with Sony are ongoing. However, he said he's unsure if Sony will ever allow PlayStation Network to connect to Xbox Live.

"I'm never going to call anything a lost cause but I think some of the fundamental reasons and certain scenarios, they're not really going away. So I don't know what would change," Spencer said.

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