Xbox One Could Remove "Snap" Mode, Refresh the Guide - Report

Significant changes for the Xbox One revealed by sources in new report.


With the Xbox One's holiday update already out, you might be wondering what's coming next in terms of new features and changes. While the company has yet to announce its plans, sources recently told Windows Central that future updates could introduce a Guide refresh and remove Snap mode.

Microsoft has reportedly tested a new Guide menu tab that will offer "instant access" to recently used games, apps, and other system features. What's more, the new menu is rumored to display your pins, which can then be customized in the tab, allowing you to access them more quickly. Perhaps more intriguing is that Microsoft is also reportedly considering the option for a single button press to access the Guide menu (which is how it worked on Xbox 360). As it stands today, you need to tap it twice.

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According to the report, the overarching goal of these new features would be to make it faster and easier to find what you're looking for. November 2015's New Xbox One Experience update made some welcome changes in this department already.

As for the Snap changes, Microsoft is reportedly considering removing the multitasking feature altogether and replacing it with something new.

"Xbox looks to be exploring the possibility of a picture-in-picture multitasking implementation, where [a] 'snapped' app would simply hover in the corner of your game, rather than wiping out a quarter of your screen with a largely empty bar," Windows Central reported.

Go to Windows Central to get the full story.

We have contacted Microsoft in an attempt to get more details; we'll update this post with anything we hear back.

The Xbox One's holiday update, which was released earlier this month, introduces features like Clubs, Looking for Group, and group messaging, as well as a new achievement rarity notification system. Read GameSpot's previous coverage to learn more about it.

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