Xbox One "changes everything" says Microsoft

Phil Spencer says it is hard to explain all the ways the console impacts the overall entertainment experience.


The Xbox One "changes everything," according to Microsoft.

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Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer appeared on Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb's latest podcast to discuss the next-generation platform and how it is shaping up. He said the next-generation console changes entertainment on such a profound level that it is hard to describe.

"I have my Xbox One at home now, so I'm getting to use it," Spencer said. "It's hard to talk about all of the ways that this console impacts my entertainment experiences."

Major Nelson interjected, saying, "It changes everything."

"It does change everything," Spencer added.

For Spencer, what makes the Xbox One so compelling is that the box is a truly multi-purpose device, allowing users to jump from games to live or on-demand content with the press of a button.

"And then I think about games as really showing up as a first-class form of entertainment for everybody. Because before, I was really either on my Xbox 360 or I was probably on my Comcast TV box," Spencer said. "And those two things…never the twain shall meet. There was no overlap."

"Now, as I'm sitting there playing games, I can instantly go over and watch and see what the Mariner's score is or watch something on TV and vice versa," he added. "I'm always socially connected to my [Xbox Live] community, now matter what I'm doing on the box. All of my entertainment comes through the box: movies, television, and games."

Spencer added that Microsoft has applied the lessons it learned from social gaming on Xbox 360 to every form of entertainment on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One launches in November for $500. Those attending Gamescom next week in Cologne, Germany can go hands-on with the device and some of its upcoming games, like Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome. Microsoft will also announce "exciting news" at the event.

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