Xbox One can detect two people talking at once


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The Xbox One's new Kinect camera can detect two people speaking at once, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison said during the Eurogamer Expo as reported by Polygon.

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In addition to being able to hear and understand two simultaneous speakers, the new version of Kinect included with every Xbox One can detect mouth movements in a dark room, Microsoft said.

In all, the Xbox One's Kinect technology can detect 25 joins between six people at any given time and recognize who is using the controller.

The camera can also estimate heart rates for the recently announced Xbox Fitness program, which will be available at launch for Xbox Live Gold members.

Kinect is included with every $500 Xbox One, a decision that has drawn debate from gamers. Microsoft has acknowledged this discussion, but said previously that it has no plans to release the system without Kinect.

"You can walk in front of the console, it recognizes you. Now we can have six of us in the room all signed in with our own profiles. That kind of stuff, when people get to use it, I think it will be really obvious why we bundled it with every box," senior Xbox director Albert Penello said earlier this month.

The Xbox One launches on November 22.

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