Xbox One Camouflage Controller and Headset Coming in October

Microsoft announces special "armed forces" versions of the system's wireless controller and stereo headset.

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A new design for the Xbox One's wireless controller and stereo headset will be made available later this year when the special edition "armed forces" options go on sale.

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Microsoft announced the two new items today, both of which I find pretty slick despite not being a big fan of camo. They're functionally identical to the existing, non-camo versions, but they will cost more than what you can get those versions for.

The camo controller is priced at $65. That's the same price as the beautiful Titanfall controller, but $5 more than the suggested price of the standard version--and a full $15 more than what Amazon currently charges for it. The camo headset (which includes the stereo headset adapter) will be sold for $90, $10 more than the regular version's suggested price and $19 more than Amazon's current price for it.

The controller and headset will both ship in October. No specific date was announced, though details on a release date and preorders should be available through retailers "soon."

Are you interested in either of these items, or is there a different design you're still hoping to see released? (I've got my fingers crossed for a Halo one to tie in with The Master Chief Collection's release.) Let us know what's on your wishlist in the comments below.

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