Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games for January 2016 Coming Soon

What games are you hoping to see join the lineup?


January 2016's lineup of Xbox One backwards-compatible games will be announced soon, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. He says on Twitter that Xbox engineers are making the final pass on a few of the Xbox 360 games and will share the final, complete list for January 2016 in "not too much" time.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility program debuted in November as part of the New Xbox One Experience update. 104 games were supported at launch, with 16 additional titles added in December.

Microsoft has given no indication yet as to which games will be added in January.

With close to 141,000 votes, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the most-requested Xbox 360 games for Xbox One backward compatibility on the Xbox Feedback website. Rounding out the top five are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Black Ops is confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility lineup, but none of the other top-requested games have been delivered yet.

What games would you like to see added to the lineup in January? Let us know in the comments below!

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I just can't wait for Black Ops 1 to be made available, the time I spent on the game is stupid, I loved BO1, my best CoD to date. And I'm really loving BOIII

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@aaronbrookes: Wasn't that added last year? I remember that was announced as a BC title.

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@xenomorphalien: Yeah, why I put 'made available' was announced late November/early December I believe, taking a while though

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can xbox one play original xbox games i have many?

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@andyvecc011: They said they are looking into it, probably won't happen for a while though. I think they are working on it though, secretly.

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@adriangrey11: I doubt its going to be as hard as 360 backwards compatibility, dealing with entirely different hardware architectures, Original Xbox, they are probably going to have software issues with the games, but if they can go the virtualization route as they did with the 360, it'll probably happen by next year.

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I think Halo Wars, Soulcalibur II HD, Small Arms, and 3 on 3 NHL Arcade are all a given at this point.

Now, hopefully Charlie Murder, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Black Ops 1, the Bioshock Trilogy, or Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing come over as well this month. Totally debating about writing another list on here of my wishlist... *sigh* lol

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@LPDisturbedHU: I, too, am hoping for Sonic Allstars Racing, ad well as Virtua Fighter 5.

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Dead Space and Halo Wars please.

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@mikezero83: Halo Wars will probably be this month, Dead Space will be coming eventually.

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Resonance of Fate please.

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@anime-2k3: I liked it pretty much.
The battle system is really unique and rewarding and story was so interesting to me that i completed also the 2nd playtrough to understand the whole big story picture.
The opening video is still one of my faves:
Klick me

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@anime-2k3: Daughter of Fate by Brian Crasnt, oh wait too soon

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@anime-2k3: That would be cool, the 360 had quite a few role playing and JRPG games they could bring back.

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How cool, im in a game article! :D Now I just need some popcorn for when I get an explosion of notifications about people begging Phil to tell them what games are coming to BC :)

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Kudos on how you can write 6 paragraphs on essentially...nothing.

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@jshah500: I think there was a dearth of Fallout mods done yesterday and they needed to fill up the space.

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Question about BC on X1: If you play the multiplayer component of these games, do you play with users also online using their 360? Or are there separate servers?

And if you do/can play with the 360 users, can you join a party so you can be on the same team with friends?

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@Spartan-1657: I played recently Sacred 3 very much via BC.
I was in a party chat with X360 gamers and i played with them with no problems.
Just be sure that you start the party over the X360 dashboard.

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@Spartan-1657: You play with other users that are using the 360 services. That would include Xbox One users and 360 users using the Xbox 360 service.:)

And yes, you can join a 360 party and use your Xbox One mic to chat with them. Just have to make sure you're not in an Xbox One party though or else that'll cause troubles for you to say/hear anything in the 360 party.:)

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@Spartan-1657: You play with people on their 360's but am not sure if you can join their party's. Never tried that.

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@jshah500: awesome thank you!

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@jshah500: You can join their parties

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@MrFreehuggs: Good to know, thanks!

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Splinter Cell Conviction

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Something worthy this month please :)

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Now.. if only PlayStation would do the same for their PS4 users, but instead, PS4 gets PS2 games.

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@mrjoeyyaya: The PS4 has BC for PS3 and PS2....for a price.

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@jerjef: and streaming PS3 games barely counts as BC.

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Red Dead Redemption, Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2

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Mass Effect Trilogy, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Red Dead Redemption, any one of these would be dandy please and thank you.

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@neurogia: Mass Effect most likely with be released near the new release or be remastered.

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Just give me the Orange Box!

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@phbz: That would be a big deal!

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Can Dead Space 2 and 3 come already.

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What kind of a worthless article is this? The only reason I even clicked on it, was the misleading headline.

Now you are asking us? Dude seriously?

Terrible editor, worse writer- Eddie Makuch.

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@gatsbythepig: You must be new here... welcome.

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@wookiegr: haha, that's funny... thanks?

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Announcement articles about upcoming announcements are becoming the norm.

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Skate 3. Skate 3. Skate 3. Skate 3. Skate 3.

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They already added the Doritos game. I'm all set.

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@jarjarskywalker: I want the Burger King games.

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I think I still have those somewhere!

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Never played dead space, never really started bioshock, halo reach and alot I cannot thing of right now. There are tons of racing games too. Alot of great games I never played on 360 that I could play on x1, that is where I see the most value.

Please make Skyrim BC, I am craving some sneak archer attacks.

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@gunnmetal: Dead Space and BioShock are two of the best games from last gen, I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't played them.

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@suicidesn0wman: i havnt played them yet and noticed bio are on ps now and thinking i should rent them and have a blast.

But then apprently im using ps now wrong according to so many comments on various sites. I shouldnt be using the service to play games i havnt tried, I should be using ps now to pay for games i already own and played?

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@Flyin3lvl: I don't see anything wrong with the service being used to rent/play games if you don't already own them. Though I agree with many that Sony should have some kind of discount/free play for those of us who do have the games already.

I see more people complain about PSNow being over priced, the 'play games I already own for free' complaint is mostly directed at the PS2 emulation. But either service is a bonus for gamers who didn't get to play some of these fantastic games.

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@suicidesn0wman: iv been over thinking this for awhile. How would the ps4 reconize it was your game to begin with, i can see a loop hole where i could just get me mates collection of games as well as my own and just keep poping the disc into the console to unlock the game for a discount or for free. So unless it connects with trophie information how will the console know its yours. I hope that makes sense.

Maybe it is over priced, i cant comment though as no base for comparison, i dont use netflix, amazon prime, spotfy or ps music and some say it is cheaper then other streaming services. I am glad theres a away to rent games i mean blockbuster was the other place i got them from at one point.

I look at the ps2 games but they been "enhanced" to some point but ps1 and ps2 games are in the ps3 store and has been for years, same with classic ps1 games in vita and psp. So i get the point i have need for speed most wanted ps2 i downloaded on ps3. if that came up for ps4 then yeah i guess i see the flip side but would it be considerd the same game if with trophies and 60fps at 1080. Such a blurry line.

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@Flyin3lvl: It would work exactly the same way Xbox Ones BC works. Each DVD/Bluray disc has an authentication key on the innermost ring of the disc. While the system cannot execute the application on the disc, it is capable of reading the auth on the disc to verify what type of disc, what console the disc was meant for, and what game title is on the disc. This basically turns the disc into a key to unlock the downloadable/streamable content, which would be needed anytime the user wishes to interact with this downloadable/streamable content.

So long as the disc for the PS3/PS2 title is in the disc tray, you could play the emulated or streamed title. But the disc would have to be in the console if you wanted to play that game, it would not work without the disc present.

All it really does is tell the system/server that you have a copy of the original product. Whether your borrowed that disc from a friend or not is irrelevant as that process would work the same on a PS3 where emulation wasn't necessary. Plus, I see it as free advertising to everyone on your friends list who doesn't have the game and would want to play it. I'm sure if you looked at your friends list and saw a friend playing BioShock you might see this and want to play as well.

BTW, I am by no means an expert, so some of the terminology may be inaccurate or the wrong term used, but I know just enough to be dangerous.