Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Coming November

The feature will be available for everyone starting later this year.


The Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature will launch for everyone in November, Microsoft announced today during its Gamescom briefing in Cologne, Germany. The service is currently available only to Xbox One Preview Program members.

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There will be more than one hundred games available at launch, with "hundreds" more coming later, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra said on stage.

You can see the initial lineup of supported games here.

In addition, Microsoft announced that all future Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles will be backwards compatible.

What's more, Ybarra confirmed that Windows 10 integration for Xbox One will also debut in November.

Microsoft's Gamescom briefing is ongoing. You can watch it here or follow along with our liveblog here.

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I can send invites to anybody that wants to get in all you have to do is add me so I wont have to type everybody's gamertag in My Gamertag is Xavier1415

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I can't believe that MS is calling this "backwards compatibility", and that people are actually going along with it.

"Backwards compatibility" means I can put a 360 game disc in the console and it will play. THAT is what we should have had originally, and since MS (& Sony apparently) completely blew the chance to give us that, they now have this little pet project instead. But calling "downloading one of a hundred games" (out of the thousands available on the 360) "backwards compatibility" and not being able to play your actual 360 games is a false claim at best, and downright fraud at worst.

True BC would have required a considerable amount of hardware & firmware support. Hardly something you can simply patch in. The One wasn't designed with Xbox 360 BC (for some reason), and unless MS releases a completely re-engineered version of the console (fat chance), it will NEVER have BC (not powerful enough for emulation, not even close).

"Backwards Compatibility" does NOT mean "won't play 360 games".

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If anyone can. Please send me an invite to the Preview Program. I am an Xbox live loyalist since day one. My gamer tag is Gargantuan. Thanks. I have over 200 360 games and 100 Xbox 1 games. So I would like to previews the backward compatibility and Gears of War.

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that is good news. No more wasting money for meaningless remastered games what so ever.

we hope that MS adds this Backwards Compatibility as one of the an additional features for WIN10. That makes WIN10 more worthwhile in future OS.

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Sucks that you can't play the games you physically own

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@urbanman2004: Man... I prefer hard copies over digital, so that's all I have for my 360. And I wouldn't be able to play them on an XB1?

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@towelgirl21: Nope... Backwards compatibility is based only on select digital copiesof games that M$ has confirmed. Check out the game library here:

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@urbanman2004: @towelgirl21know this is an old post and maybe you have found out by now that physical copies works as well.

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I wonder how this will play out long term. Over time less and less people will care, and so MS and publishers will care less and less, and also they'll have more and more new games they want us to focus our attention on. I wonder if the list will grow decently for awhile like through 2016, then slow down eventually to a crawl, and then become something you rarely hear about.

On the other hand, I can also imagine it becoming a common thing to bundle free BC copies of old games when their new sequels come out.

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This is sweet every game we get from Games With Gold will be available on the Xbox One that is sweet might finally be time to retire my old 360 have had her since 2006. Thing is though I have nothing to put in it's place in my entertainment center so it could technically stay there.

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please make skyrim with all dlcs available please please please.

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Xbox is quickly becoming my main platform of gaming. What a massive turnaround for a company I'd all but written off.

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I don't really go to many forum nowadays so I guess I'll ask here: If anyone is able to send an invite for the Preview Program I would very much appreciate it. If not, I understand and no worries. Xbox Tag is: X Maddness X

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Microsoft tells customers XB1 won't feature backwards compatibility.

Most customers sell their XB360s & games.

Microsoft losing to Sony in console wars, needs an edge, announces backwards compatibility.


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Correct. And this reinforces that this generation doesn't have "this generation quality games", at least until now.

Past is past. Until when will they keep delivering games for older platforms WHILE current platforms don't have games to use it hardware capabilities?

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any chance of getting too human :/

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@ccgod: Absolutely no chance of this title or X-men Destiny being BC. This is because the game was ordered to be removed from sale by the courts due to the unlicensed use of the Unreal engine in the game. Since the game was recalled and banned from distribution, there is no chance it will ever be BC.

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There is still that Preview Program, though. Don't know if any of you guys have it and I absolutely HATE to be that guy, but Gears of War came out today on the Preview Program and I SOOO want to play it. If any of you guys have the program, I would really appreciate an invite to the program!

My gamertag is: Easy Searchers

Thanks in advance!

I'm just super desperate to get ahead of the game.

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Awesome. Can't wait to play Mass Effect again.

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So what exactly is the Xone integration into windows 10?

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@Acillatem1993: I was just told to google it down below because fact is, no one really knows, not even google or the dimwits that tell you to google it.

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@wookiegr: I see. Thank you for the honest answer.

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That's cool! Will be playing all the Gears of War games on my Xbox One soon!

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Bravo Microsoft bravo I was hoping the BC app would kick in a little early but November is fine with me. Just 3 month's away.

I wonder what Sony is doing right now that would require them not to come to Gamescom.

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That's cool that BC is coming to November but I'll just keep my Xbox 360 plug in since my 360 is also a double BC meaning it can play original Xbox games and I got plenty of room for my current-gen and last-gen consoles around the house. Once I do get a larger HD for my Xbox One next year, I'll consider unplugging my 360.

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@davillain-: oh shit thats right!!

Microsoft never said anything about Xbox Originals being playable on the Xbox One

I need to go the and make a page concerning this.

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@sonofdark18: Already there, you can vote on someone else's post about that.

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What exactly is Windows 10 integration suppose to do beside change the UI? Other than the desperate need to increase the visual fidelity of the games using DX12, which everyone already says it won't, what will W10 do for the console?

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@wookiegr: I'm sure you can easily answer this question yourself by just googling "Xbox One Windows 10".

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@RadPro: Normally I would but the daily know nothing buttholes around here that argue about crap refuse to do it, why should I .

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@wookiegr: It will be able to spy on you more efficiently.

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I like how the companies are becoming more consumer friendly, obviously not from their own initiative, but still...

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All 360 games with gold will be BC? Suhwheeet!!!!

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@Smaug317: All future game not current

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@borgking1234: WRONG. Gears of war a past GWG is avail on x1

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@borgking1234: Correct...just future GWG releases. But I'll be shocked if MS doesn't make an effort to secure backward compatibility rights for many of the previous GWG titles. Publishers of many of the AAA GWG titles were on Microsoft's list of those supporting backward compatibility. (Sleeping Dogs, Rainbow Six, Hitman, Battlefield 2, Bioshock, Army of Two, Assassin's Creed...not to mention all of the first-party MS titles.)

Pretty big selling point for people who have been collecting those GWG titles from the start.