Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds Two New Games

Two different takes on near-future military action.

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Now Playing: Xbox One Adds Two New Backwards-Compatible Games - GS News Update

Microsoft has added two more Xbox One backwards compatible games, and this time around they have a common theme. Both of the additions this week sport the Tom Clancy name, the Ubisoft-licensed brand based on the near-future military fiction author's work.

The new additions are the real-time strategy game EndWar and the jet combat game Hawx. EndWar used voice commands as its primary hook, letting you control the battlefield with your voice to replicate the feeling of being a military commander. Hawx was an arcade flight game set in a world in which private military contractors have replaced the standing military in most countries. Hawx was followed up by a sequel.

As always, if you already own either game you can play it on your Xbox One at no additional charge. Physical disc copies will initiate a download to let you play, and digital copies will appear in your Games and Apps menu. You can also pick them up digitally on the Microsoft Store.

Since announcing its backwards compatibility feature, Microsoft has added hundreds of Xbox 360 games and dozens of original Xbox games to the list. You can check out our full list of backwards compatible games to see what's available. Or, if you need some help sorting the wheat from the chaff, check out our picks of the best Xbox One backwards compatible games.

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Avatar image for santinegrete

I tought this program was killed long ago, this is good news. Well, sort of, I'm still asking for dishwasher games.

Avatar image for siarhei

Too bad Hawx is no longer available from MS store...

Avatar image for wanderz

@siarhei: i thought when they made the backwards compatible they added them to the store, if they weren't already. is this not true? or just this game isn't? or maybe they are working on adding it.

Avatar image for siarhei

@wanderz: Unfortunately, you need to have it on disc. They only add them to the store if it's BC as part of Games with Gold program.

Avatar image for wanderz

@siarhei: guess i just must be lucky then, because the ones that went backwards compatible that i wanted were on the store, and rather cheap even. :)

Avatar image for KahnArtizt

@siarhei: it’s like $5 on disc tho