Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds Three New Games

Final Fantasy Thirteens. Plural.

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Microsoft announced even more backwards compatible games coming to the Xbox One at its X018 conference. On November 13, the service will add three more games: the full trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII titles with Xbox One X enhancements. Plus Civilization Revolution, which is already available via backwards compatibility, will be getting some Xbox One X upgrades as well. [Update: The latest batch of backwards compatible games is now live on Xbox One.]

The original Final Fantasy XIII was Square Enix's big tentpole title in its marquee franchise. For its two sequels--Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII--the studio focused more singularly on the central character of Lightning and blended in some action game mechanics. While FFXIII's narrative was built to stand alone, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns are part of a matched set, with a cliffhanger that neatly leads from one into the other.

Civilization Revolution took the sim aspects of the popular strategy series and simplified them for a more quick and casual experience. That helps the interface work a little better on consoles, but the game has hit tons of other platforms including mobile devices.

As always, once these go live on the service, if you already own these games you can insert the disc to start the download, or find the digital version in your Games section on the dashboard. The number of games on Xbox One is big and constantly growing, so check out our full list of backwards compatible games to see if any of your nostalgic favorites are already available.

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Avatar image for sladakrobot

Dont really care about FF13 but i am looking forward for FF 7,9,10,10-2 coming to Xbox

Avatar image for imajinn

@sladakrobot: If only FF8 were on that list too

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@imajinn: yeah...have no idea why its missing

Avatar image for Pyrosa

CivRev was a blast... Very easy, fast-paced, and "lite" compared to committing yourself to a real Civ session. Like CivArcade.

Avatar image for alexofburg

FF13.....the FF game that makes you wish you chose to punch yourself in the face instead of playing it.

Avatar image for mistertech

So they keep updating the articles actual time and dates so it bumps on the site? Why does it say 2 hours ago and this was announced Saturday along with the article?

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

Nice. I bought them, but never got around to XIII-2 or XIII-3. I was excited to try the different play styles for each. Glad to have the XBox One option now.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

After final fantasy 15's announcement I guess it's time to make these games backwards compatible or even enhanced edition. Gotta get revenue somewhere.

Avatar image for ember_to_flame

A good buy if you havn't played the 13 series. Personally I loved the 13-2 but 13-3 is the best one, as a game(not so FFy) it is fantastic, it came late on the ps3 so you could see that it had potential to be on a newer console, framerate wasnt always the best sadly. So xboxoners you are in for a treat.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Nice. Hopefully we’ll see more stuff like Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 remix and Dragon Quest XI hit the Xbox One as well.

Avatar image for EricShadow366

You know...after that announcement of other FF games coming to Xbox One...this bit of news is actually pretty good.

Xbox fans are getting a lot of FF love heading their way.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

now this gives me a little hope for the Dragon quest games on xbox

Avatar image for kanekan-slaugh

Could we also see a KH final mix 3.0?

Avatar image for freeryu

Only thing crazier would be a KH Collection announcement.

Avatar image for locke90

Though ff13 is not my favourite its still good news though i am waiting for sacred 2 as well

Avatar image for firedrakez

This is one of the best weeks for back compatibility for me. I have all 4 games(FFXIII 1-3) and Civ Revs. The FFXIII Xbox 360 needed bc to improve its framerates, resolution and download times and Civ Revs is my go to game if I only have an hour or two to finish a short game.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Cant believe I lived to see an FF announcement made on xbox.. and the games announced is not on to ps4!

Avatar image for gamerboy100

@sakaixx: I guess you missed this announcement, then.

And two of those are out now.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@gamerboy100: duh I know about those. Was talking about this specific FF. Usually Ps4(and PS in general) will get the ff ports first. FFXIII announced for xbone but not ps4 is quite shocking.

Avatar image for gamerboy100

@sakaixx: But these aren't ports. These are the Xbox 360 games. They are going to be playable through backwards-compatibility.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@gamerboy100: yeah and ps4 cannot.

Avatar image for Heazie


What is happening here...?

Gamerboy... I feel for you, brother.

Avatar image for firedrakez

@sakaixx: back compatibility is not possible on the PS4. Hopefully the enhancements on the FFXIII Xbox One X version includes an increase of resolution up to or close to 4K along with improved framerates and download times.