Xbox One and Xbox 360 Free August Games With Gold Titles Include Crimson Dragon, Dishonored

Strike Suit Zero for Xbox One and Motocross Madness for Xbox 360 will also be free for Xbox Live Gold players in August.

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Microsoft today announced August's free Games With Gold titles for Xbox One and Xbox 360, totaling four games in all split between the two platforms.

On Xbox One, players with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60/year) can download Crimson Dragon (normally $20) and Strike Suit Zero (normally $20). These will become available starting August 1, and they replace the current free games, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Max: Curse of Brotherhood. If you have not downloaded those games yet, now would be a good time to do so.

Xbox 360 players with the Xbox Live Gold subscription, on the other hand, can download Motocross Madness (normally $10) for free August 1-15. Then starting on August 16, subscribers can pick up Dishonored (normally $20) for free through the end of the month.

On Xbox 360, once you download a free game, it is yours to keep even if your Xbox Live Gold subscription lapses. But on Xbox One, you'll need to keep your Xbox Live Gold subscription active to hang on to the free games.

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Avatar image for cvantu

I'm actually quite surprised with Crimson Dragon. As a huge Panzar Dragoon fan, the reviews scared me away from trying the game. However, it is quite faithful to Panzar Dragoon and worthy of playing. No, since it was meant to be a 360 game, the graphics are not jaw dropping, but the textures are even very Panzar"ish" and work in the game's favor. This is a free quality game. Anyone who enjoyed Panzar Dragoon should not have any problems enjoying Crimson Dragon.

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

Dishonored is good. Definitely getting that one

thanks MS

Avatar image for sammoth

Kewl more games to play.

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

Dishonored? wow microsoft

first dark souls now dishonored, you're changing!

Avatar image for mrbennett20

Dishonored is a terrible game. i bought it a few months ago and then sold it a week later

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

<< LINK REMOVED >> how's dishonored a terrible game

i demand some explanation!

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Crimson Dragon and Dishonored, nice.

I was just thinking of picking up both, but decided not to because I have a big enough gaming backlog already. Glad I did!

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

Motocross Madness is a huge steamin pile of sh*te but Dishonoured is something I did not expect.

Perhaps I should have seen it coming though as it was in the sales but 3 weeks ago.

I've been noticing that pattern with Xbox GWG, put it in the sales for like £5 and then shortly after it will be free to all Gold members. Minimizing the amount of people who will download it by quite a margin.

Smart move but also a d!ck move too!

Although I'm glad to see that they are making some effort with giving away better titles like Dishonoured, it will be yet another game I will not play, sadly. FPS games are just so horrible IMO.

On another note, I predict that Murdered: Soul Suspect will be free by Xmas 2014 on X1 and X360.

Avatar image for soullessshadow

<< LINK REMOVED >> To be fair, I don't think it's up to Microsoft to decide whether or not to give it away for free. That decision would be up to the developer and publisher.

Avatar image for xneonic

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm seeing the same pattern. Bought Battleblock Theater for $5 in February and it was free in July.

Avatar image for isshiah

Haven't played dishonored since release, so I'll definitely pick it up and play it through more aggressively. Damn glitchy stealth suck.

The dlc was on sale not too long ago, but i passed it up. D'oh!

Avatar image for Defender1978

Sweet. Just renewed Xbox Live this month and the free games between Xbox One and 360 have already paid for it.

Avatar image for digthat32

Sony is killin Xbone in this department.

Avatar image for hestar69

<< LINK REMOVED >> I like the games ps+ and games with gold are giving away this month.Been wanting to play crimson dragon and same for dragons crown on ps3/vita.
Shame I bought dishonored when it came out and haven't played it yet..One day I'll learn..One day...

Avatar image for yoda101280

<< LINK REMOVED >> How? I have PS4 and the only free game they gave away recently I liked was Strider

Avatar image for Shilleto

<< LINK REMOVED >> not really

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

Nice. I've wanted to try both Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit, but not enough to buy them.

Avatar image for Pr0ving4Gr0undz

Owning Xbox one games without owning a Xbox one lol

Avatar image for captainMorgann1

ugh crimson dragon...booooooooooooo

Avatar image for console_war_vet

I'm happy that people have no excuse not to try Dishonored now. It's an amazing game. Looking forward to the Xbox One games!

Avatar image for xantufrog

That's a good selection - don't know why some folks are complaining. There isn't much to give away yet on the X1 and PS4 except smaller titles. They won't give away the newest greatest game because that's bad business. I didn't play Dishonored on console, but it was very fun on PC, so hopefully folks that haven't played it yet will enjoy

Avatar image for BARRICADE_28

What a ripoff !! Xbox Live just had Dishonored advertised on sale on Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago for $5, which I bought, and now they put it out for free? REFUND PLEASE!

Avatar image for imajinn

@BARRICADE_28 Your whining about buying a great game at 5$? Seriously? Its free now, so what? You still got an awesome deal. You can't even get a foot long from Subway anymore for 5$.

Avatar image for BARRICADE_28

<< LINK REMOVED >> $5 is $5. It takes me 30 minutes of hard work to make that on my paycheck. I didn't get an awesome deal, getting the game free would have been an awesome deal. Not only do I lose my $5, but I can't download any free game from XBL in late August because I just bought it.

Avatar image for cvantu

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> wow, you do sound like a self entitled fool. Everyone who works does work hard for their money. It is 5 dollars. You probably waste 5 dollars often by buying bottled water or 20oz drinks. The amount of value you get with Dishonored more than makes up for it. Quit living on principle as if anyone will feel sorry for you.

Avatar image for sammoth

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Quit Crying about it.

Avatar image for Stinger78

<< LINK REMOVED >> You knowingly paid $5 because you believed you were getting a deal and would be entertained at least to the point you'd get $5 worth of fun out of it.

Should I get a refund on games I bought at launch for $50 - $60 now that most of them are under $20? No, I shouldn't.

Avatar image for BARRICADE_28

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The difference is that I know that games 6 months after launch will often be cheaper. I paid $5 for nothing. That's a month of Xbox Live, or another game I could have bought during the sale.

Avatar image for sammoth


Avatar image for jayjay444

I already have strike suit zero it's a great game, looking forward to crimson dragon as iv'e yet to play it.

Avatar image for Darknight765

I can't get mad at free X1 games that haven't been out for a year. I liked all 3 of the first ones. Again it's free.

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

Crimson Dragon is less than a year old and people are complaining. I forgot Sony gave me Knack and Killzone...oh wait.

Avatar image for CraZkid37

Plenty of ingrates here, of course. I only heard great things about Dishonored so I'm really happy about this. The Games with Gold has been great. Maybe some of you should stop judging games by their less than AAA status and try them out - many of them have been great. Even ones I felt like I would not have any interest I tried anyway and was so happy I did.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy


I agree but Motocross Madness is not one I would praise at all.

Deadlight, Castle Crashers, Civilization Revolution were all great titles to give away. I just wish they wouldn't put them on sale a few weeks earlier.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Strike Suit Zero is a great game for people that like space combat games. I bought it on the XB1 when it first came out. The 360 games kinda suck though. Dishonored was a great game, and will be fun for those that never played it, but it's better than nothing.

Avatar image for oflow

<< LINK REMOVED >> i dunno if I'd call it great but its fun I bought it when it first came out on Steam a long time ago played thru it was worth playing thru once or twice.

Avatar image for rogerpdaultry

These games look awful

Avatar image for sladakrobot

<< LINK REMOVED >> have you played them? and what exactly you havent liked about them?