Xbox One and PS4 Getting 1080p Divinity: Original Sin, PC Version Also Being Upgraded

Enhanced Sin


Following Divinity: Original Sin's celebrated launch last year for PC--it was GameSpot's overall PC Game of the Year--developer Larian Studios on Friday announced that the turn-based role-playing game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by way of an Enhanced Edition.

Published by Focus Home Interactive, the Enhanced Edition is described as a "full makeover" of the original game--which has sold nearly 1 million copies--featuring a "truckload" of changes, creative director Swen Vincke tells GameSpot.

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Among the changes are a new interface designed specifically for controllers, as well as co-op play in the form of online and split-screen locally. Meanwhile, full voice acting has been added--featuring actors Alix Wilton Regan and Alec Newman--and more endings have been introduced.

"We went a little too overboard with it; we called it an Enhanced Edition, but I really think that we made it much more than enhanced," Vincke said.

In terms of visuals, Vincke tells GameSpot that the Xbox One and PS4 editions are aiming to run at full 1080p.

Divinity's new console edition also adds "hours" of new content by way of new quests, giving players new locations to explore and challenges to take on. New endings have also been added, Vincke says.

In addition, the Enhanced Edition will come with changes to the crafting system, variations to enemy encounters that should make the game more difficult overall, and storyline tweaks to make the game feel fresh for people who already played it.

"We were a little bit unhappy with some of the compromises we made on the narrative side of things, so we're just going to take the opportunity to change everything," Vincke says. "The ending wasn't that rewarding, so we added a lot to it. On the endings side, we really added a lot."

The Enhanced Edition's online co-op mode, which Vincke says you really have to play to understand, supports online play. However, there won't be matchmaking support, at least not right away. "We haven't cracked that particular piece of the code yet," Vincke said.

In addition, Larian has announced that the Enhanced Edition is also coming to PC, Mac, and SteamOS as a free upgrade for existing players. Vincke points out that gamers will need a 64-bit rig (compared to 32-bit for the original) with DirectX 11 to run the Enhanced Edition. Full system requirements will be announced later.

The Enhanced Edition is due out later this year for all platforms, but Larian has not announced a firm release date.

Finally, Vincke told GameSpot that the massive success of Original Sin--which was originally funded on Kickstarter--was a "huge turning point" for Larian overall. Looking to the future, he confirmed that Larian has multiple projects in the works, the first of which might be announced this year.

"It allowed us to do a lot of things we couldn't have done before. And we're doing those now," he explained. "We're experimenting a lot. We have two RPGs in production, which we're not just ready to announce yet, but hopefully we'll talk about at least one later this year."

Vincke also said he sees the turn-based RPG genre making a comeback, with plenty of room for further growth. "It's a genre that has a lot of potential where you can still do a lot of things that haven't been done before," he said.

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