Xbox One and PS4, But Not Wii U, Eventually Getting Street Fighter

Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono said that PS4 and Xbox One would get a Street Fighter at "some time or other," but didn't offer much hope for Wii U.

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We know it has to happen at some point, but Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, who was producer on Street Fighter IV, confirmed that current-gen consoles are going to get a Street Fighter game...eventually.

Responding to fan on Twitter that asked, "Are we going to get a Street Fighter game on the Xbox One and PS4?" Ono wrote: "Hahaha, some time or other..." But fans hoping for a Wii U version are out of luck, Ono also wrote, "I apologize that we don't have plans for Wii U... ."

That doesn't mean that Ono is necessarily working on the project directly, however. Ono is currently working as a producer on Deep Down, though he recently stepped down from directing the Capcom Vancouver studio and he remarked that a theoretical Street Fighter V will not be pay-to win.

The last iteration of the franchise was Ultra Street Fighter IV, which took a staggered release with physical and digital versions releasing at separate times earlier this year.

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