Xbox One ahead of PS4 on Amazon's "Most Wished" list

Meanwhile, the Wii U sits in the 37th position on retailer's video game list.

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The Xbox One currently sits atop Amazon's "Most Wished" list for video games, outpacing the PlayStation 4, which sits in the second position. Both consoles remain sold out at the retailer (via DualShockers).

Meanwhile, Nintendo's Wii U is featured on the list in the 37th position. Though the Wii U is so far behind the Xbox One and PS4, Super Mario 3D World is sixth on the "Most Wished" list, ahead of many Xbox One and PS4 games.

This list may not tell the whole story about platform popularity, as there are three PS4 SKUs in the top 40, compared to two for the Xbox One.

Amazon's "Most Wished" lists are based on the products most often added to wishlists and registries. These lists are updated on a daily basis.

Xbox One and PS4 sales are currently locked in a dead heat, with both systems having sold more than 2 million units each since launch last month.

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