Xbox One Adds Three Backwards Compatible Games This Week

The first BC games of 2019 have been revealed.

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It's been a few weeks since Microsoft last rolled out a new batch of backwards compatible games for Xbox One, but that dry spell has finally been broken. The first set of BC games of 2019 has been revealed, and it consists of three Xbox 360 titles spanning various genres.

This week's additions are Battlestations Pacific, Fuel, and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Battlestations Pacific is a 2009 military action game that mixes aerial dogfights, naval combat, and real-time strategy. Fuel--also originally released in 2009--is an arcadey open-world racer, while Rayman Raving Rabbids is a silly minigame compilation starring the titular characters.

If you still have a physical copy of these titles, you can now simply pop their disc in and play them on your Xbox One. If you've previously purchased them digitally, you'll find them automatically waiting in the Ready to Download section of the console's My Games and Apps tab.

More than 400 Xbox 360 games are now backwards compatible with Xbox One. In 2017, Microsoft rolled out the first batch of original Xbox games to the BC library as well--although these have been added much more sparingly. You can see the full list of Xbox One BC games here. We also have recommendations on the best Xbox One BC games to play.

Along with the new BC games, a new set of Xbox One game deals is now available in the Microsoft Store. From now until January 14, you can find discounts on Battlefield V, Darksiders III, For Honor, and a number of other titles. You can see the full list of game deals here.

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¨More than 400 Xbox 360 games are now backwards compatible with Xbox One." Huh, I thought the Xbox One was newer than the Xbox 360.

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So when will the original Ninja Gaiden be sent to B/C?

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Thief: Deadly Shadows?

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Where is Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and Charlie Murder??

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This feature has become a joke.

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@harrypothead: - Please explain...

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@harrypothead: What, how

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@harrypothead: There's a game out there for everyone.

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NFL Blitz

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@superklyph: Would be nice but pretty doubtful due to licensing. Don't hold your breath for that one.

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@dlCHIEF58: I get it. We did get NBA Jam though.