Xbox One adds Smart Match, Game DVR

Microsoft says new multiplayer system a complete reengineering; new achievements span multiple games; Game DVR allows users to record and share gameplay.


Microsoft is overhauling Xbox Live and its feature-set for the Xbox One. The company broke out and explained a number of these changes today following this afternoon's reveal event.

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First, Xbox Live for the Xbox One will boast a new matchmaking feature called Smart Match. Microsoft described the system as a complete reengineering of matchmaking for the next generation of gaming.

Smart Match will use "advance algorithms" to pair players based on skill, language, and reputation. In addition, gamers will no longer need to wait in a pre-match lobby to be matched up, as the Smart Match system will find games for players as they watch TV, listen to music, or play another game.

Xbox Live on Xbox One will also boast an updated achievement system that reaches "across games and experiences." On top of this, gamers will be able to earn achievements in new ways, as developers will now have the option to add new achievements whenever they want.

"Our new achievements portal not only keeps track of what you earned, but how you earned it, so it’s more personal than ever," Microsoft said. "It even lets you compare your achievements with your friends. Share your legacy and achieve greatness with Xbox One."

Microsoft also announced today that Xbox One will feature a Game DVR system whereby players can capture and share gameplay moments. Similar to the PlayStation 4's "Share" functionality, the Xbox One console will constantly record most recent gameplay, which players can then access, edit, and share through social networks and Xbox Live.

The PS4 achieves this through the DualShock 4's new "Share" button, though Microsoft did not provide any details regarding how this will work for the Xbox One.

Lastly, Microsoft revealed today that friends lists for Xbox One will be expanded to support up to 1,000, up ten times from the Xbox 360's current limit of 100.

For more on the Xbox One, check out GameSpot's continuing coverage of the next-generation platform.

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