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Xbox October Update Adds 4K Dashboard And Night Mode

The Xbox Series X dashboard will finally display in native 4K resolution.


The Xbox October update has begun rolling out, bringing the 4K dashboard update to all Xbox Series X consoles. Announced on the Xbox Wire, the October update also includes night mode settings for Xbox Series X|S and the ability to quickly change accessibility options from the Xbox Guide.

Prior to this update, the Xbox Series X dashboard was 1080p upscaled to 4K. Now, the dashboard will be rendered in native 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X when connected to a 4K display. Icons on the dashboard and Xbox Guide menu will have improved visuals, looking sharper than previously.

The new 4K dashboard compared to the old dashboard
The new 4K dashboard compared to the old dashboard

The October update also adds a suite of night mode settings to Xbox consoles. The options allow you to customize and dim the light of the connected display, helping keep rooms dark at night or helping anyone who is sensitive to light. The night mode options also allow you to dim the light coming from the Xbox controller power button and the power button on the console itself. It includes an option to have the night mode turn on and off at a set schedule. A customizable blue light display filter is available exclusively on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The update adds a quick settings section to the Xbox Guide, allowing you to turn on and off some accessibility settings without leaving your game. These new settings will be great for everyone spending a ton of time on Xbox when Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are released.

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