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Xbox Mini Fridge Preorders Go Live At Target Today

The Xbox Mini Fridge, which looks like an Xbox Series X, costs $100. Is it silly? Yes. Do we want it? Also yes.


Xbox Mini Fridge preorders will be available sometime today (October 19) at Target. The listing is available on Target's website, but preorders aren't live just yet. The Xbox Mini Fridge costs $100 and is exclusive to Target in the US and Canada. The fridge will also be sold in Europe, with GAME being the exclusive retailer in the UK. Meanwhile, fans in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and Netherlands can preorder the fridge at Game Stop EU, Toynk, and Micromania. The Xbox Mini Fridge will ship this December, just in time for the holidays.

There's no denying that the Xbox Mini Fridge is silly and not extremely practical. It started out as a meme that wound up going viral and here we are, months away from its retail release. The fridge is designed to mirror the Xbox Series X and has LED lights as well as a USB port to charge devices. In terms of its actual use, well, the fridge is pretty tiny and only holds up to 12 cans of Mountain Dew.

Xbox Mini Fridge
Xbox Mini Fridge

But hey, since the Xbox Series X is still extremely difficult to buy, at least fans can purchase something that resembles the console. Well, maybe. We expect the Xbox Mini Fridge to sell out very quickly, especially since it's exclusive to select retailers. Chances are there will be Xbox Mini Fridges on eBay approaching the price of the actual console.

That said, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg noted on Twitter that the Xbox Mini Fridge isn't limited edition. Microsoft is manufacturing "as many as we can this holiday" and a second batch of units will be available early next year. Greenberg did also say that fans should expect it to sell out.

All jokes aside, the Xbox Mini Fridge is just weird enough to make it appealing. What I'm saying here is that I need it for reasons that I cannot fully explain. It's a similar to the Xbox set from American Girl in that way.

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