Xbox Mini-Fridge Could Become A Real Product You Can Buy

Microsoft is really leaning into the refrigerator memes.


When Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X back in December 2019, people immediately roasted its design for looking like a refrigerator. Microsoft took the comments in stride, embracing the chatter with its own memes. This went even further recently when Microsoft created an actual Xbox Series X refrigerator that it sent to Snoop Dogg and other people. You can win one of these fridges, but the odds are you will get shut out.

However, Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg has now teased that Microsoft might release a mini-fridge version of the Xbox Series X refrigerator for everyone to buy. He asked his nearly 200,000 followers if they would be interested in buying an Xbox mini-fridge, and people resoundingly responded positively.

Of course, this is not confirmation that Microsoft will release an Xbox-branded mini-fridge at all, or anytime soon. But it would be a pretty brilliant and self-aware piece of branded marketing for Xbox. The company is known for this, too, as it previously released a line of Xbox onesies following a positive reaction to what was a silly marketing stunt.

Xbox Series X and Series S release on November 10. If you want to see what Microsoft's next generation console looks like, take a look at GameSpot's Xbox Series X unboxing and see just how it compares to the PlayStation 5.

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