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Xbox Might Offer "Timed Slices" Of Games Or Games With Ads

Microsoft's Sarah Bond discussed new business models the company is looking at beyond Xbox Game Pass.


Sarah Bond, the corporate vice president for games at Microsoft, revealed that Xbox is looking into other gaming models, such as "timed slices" with games or by putting ads in games.

In an interview with Rolling Stones UK, Bond was asked how developers can see success on Xbox. She said, "Game Pass is an option for developers," then explained how Game Pass is just one of many business models by saying, "You have pay-to-play, then there was free-to-play, and then we introduced Game Pass."

Bond says Xbox is looking into other strategies, too.

"We've talked about how we're experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile--are there models of that that work well in PC and console? Are there other models where you might have timed slices of games and stuff like that? Providing creators with options and choice enables them to experiment and do what they like, and actually create more immersive and creative experiences without having to fit into a mould."

It's also worth mentioning that Xbox does have another model that doesn't revolve around Game Pass, but both require you to have a Gold membership. One is called Games with Gold, giving Gold members two games per month which they can keep so long as they have an active Gold membership. In addition to that, there are also Free Play Days which allow Gold members to play selected games for a couple of days.

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