Xbox Live Update: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

New digital wares out this week include gory side-scroller, Stacking Hobo King DLC; Games on Demand adds MLB 2K9, Raiden IV, and Tales of Vesperia; 50% off Battlefield content sale also happening.


No Caption Provided Microsoft welcomes a string of new content this week to its virtual storefront ranging from a gore-filled side-scroller to modern day shooter action.

Leading the pack this week is The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile (800 Microsoft points or $10), which will be released tomorrow. Ska Studios' sequel to 2008's The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, the game is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up with two distinct 13-level solo campaigns. Gamers can either play through the game as The Dishwasher or as her stepsister, Yuki. Further, the sanguineous game allows gamers to battle together in cooperative mode either locally or via Xbox Live.

Ever see a sentence with vampire and dishwasher in it?
Ever see a sentence with vampire and dishwasher in it?

Also out tomorrow will be The Lost Hobo King (400 Microsoft points or $5) downloadable content for Double Fine's Stacking. The Lost Hobo King continues the story of chimney sweeper Charlie Blackmore, who in the original game set out to rescue his family from the Baron, a nefarious industrialist. The new storyline sees Charlie venturing to the hobo kingdom of Camelfoot, where he hopes to assist his friend Levi in securing the hobo crown for his uncle, Rufus.

Microsoft added three new Games on Demand additions to its storefront today, the first of which is the baseball game MLB 2K9 ($30). The other two new full-game downloads out now are Raiden IV ($40) and Tales of Vesperia ($30).

This week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week is on a range of Battlefield content. From today until April 11, gamers can grab the Vietnam and Onslaught expansions for 50 percent off. Additionally, Battlefield 1943 is 50 percent off this week. For the full Battlefield sale breakdown, check out Major Nelson's blog.

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Avatar image for mwjr

$30 for MLB 2K9 on demand? Can't I get it at Gamestop for like $10?

Avatar image for moh_sakhaii

I bought battlefield BC2 Vietnam expansion for 600, I think this is a good deal.

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I will most likely download Vampire Smile

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Dishwasher might be cool, I liked the last game, though it was effing hard.

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sweet...Vesperias getting some love ;)

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@Barighm and all the hardcore Tales fans. was importing that version of Vesperia and using a site that had translated everything into english. So the Xbox360 version of Tales of Vesperia was HALF-BAKED at best and forgotten! Thank you Namco!!!

Avatar image for RitsukoEX

@Barighm I rent it and love Tales of Vesperia!...but the FACT is! their is a better version of it! ( only in japan AND only on the PS3 ) made me stop buying games from Namco! maybe it was the lack of marketing but it was also the FACT that a BETTER version of Vesperia is only on the PS3 in japan! I still don't understand why Namco is not bringing that version to the U.S.? HECK! its DLC is way, way, BETTER TOO!!!

Avatar image for mickey_mickey48

I wanted a Mortal Kombat demo :( :(

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bf 1943 50 percent off... dang I might have to get it sicne they never released a pc version

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Avatar image for Barighm

Get Vesperia. Easily one of the best RPG's, if not the best, that nobody bought. Lack of marketing, you see.