Xbox Live Update: Hard Corps: Uprising slams XBLA this week

Konami's action shooter hits marketplace tomorrow; Games on Demand adds Modern Warfare 2, Rapala Tournament Fishing!, and Aliens vs. Predator.


No Caption Provided Announced early last month, Microsoft's five-game House Party begins this week on Xbox Live. But the first game of that pack is not the only new item on the invitation list. The Games on Demand hub welcomes three new titles to its growing library.
Hard Corps: Uprising shoots up the XBLA tomorrow.
Hard Corps: Uprising shoots up the XBLA tomorrow.

First out of the gate this week is Konami's Hard Corps: Uprising (1,200 MS points or $15), which debuts on Wednesday. Developed by Arc System Works, the 2D side-scrolling shooter sees players assuming the role of the soldier Bahamut as part of a prequel story to Contra: Hard Corps.

Out now on Xbox Live are three new Games on Demand entries, the first of which is Infinity Ward's blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ($60). The first-person shooter puts players into the boots of various soldiers, participating in a range of military endeavors across the globe.

Also added to the Games on Demand page today was Rapala Tournament Fishing! ($20). Activision's 2006 fishing title casts players as an angler taking part in a range of fishing tournaments on varied bodies of water.

The last Games on Demand title out now is Aliens vs. Predator ($30). Rebellion's shooter was coolly received when it debuted last February. The sci-fi actioner is a story-driven first-person shooter that offers gamers three separate single-player campaigns, following the two titular predatory species, as well as a human option.

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