Xbox Live Update: From Dust, Dragon Age II DLC

Ubisoft's god game, new content for BioWare's fantasy RPG arrive; Games on Demand welcomes three; Kinect Sparkler and Homefront map pack due tomorrow.


No Caption Provided Microsoft and Ubisoft are getting divine this week, as god game From Dust leads all new releases on Xbox Live this week.

The second game in Microsoft's five-title Summer of Arcade promotion, From Dust ($15) casts players as a supernatural force looking out for indigenous tribes in a seeming paradise beset by natural disasters.

Sound the horn, From Dust is here.
Sound the horn, From Dust is here.

By transporting land, water, vegetation, and lava around tropical environs, players can open up new pathways for villagers and protect them from earthquakes and other calamities. The various threats in the game can also be turned to the player's advantage; for example, a well-placed tsunami could extinguish wildfires rather than sweep away villages.

Gamers looking to add to their copies of BioWare's Dragon Age II can grab the Legacy downloadable content ($10) today. In the add-on, gamers will suit up again as protagonist Hawke and travel to an ancient Grey Warden prison and uncover additional details about his family history. Additionally, Hawke will visit new environments, battle new enemies, craft a deadly weapon, and ultimately come face-to-face with a terrible horror.

Switching to the Games on Demand hub, Microsoft added three new titles to the store today: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ($40), Shaun White Skateboarding ($30), and Prison Break: The Conspiracy ($20).

Gamers looking to add to their copies of THQ's near-future shooter Homefront can grab a new map pack called The Rock tomorrow. The content bears a 400 Microsoft point price tag ($5) and includes two new maps: Alcatraz and Bridge. Alcatraz takes place inside the San Francisco Bay's iconic island prison and will offer gamers close-quarter combat.

As for Bridge, that map has players battling near the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding area. In addition to the new maps, THQ said that new Team Deathmatch areas Waterway and Overpass will be included in the DLC.

Lastly, Microsoft will add Kinect Sparkler (240 Microsoft points, or $3) to Kinect Fun Labs tomorrow. The digital toy lets players use their fingers as virtual sparklers, painting a canvas with multicolored fireworks in three dimensions.

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Avatar image for iRaInOnPaRaDeS

Think I'll just wait for another Ultimate Edition for DA2. Pretty much played it death/heaven/hell when it got released. Rather wait till I have access to all DLs before replaying it again instead of paying $10 for DLs that I might not enjoy.

Avatar image for isshiah

i've bought the other dlc for DA2...but i'm finding it hard to care about hawke after playing the game 4 times in it's first month of release.

Avatar image for wwlettsome

Legacy = $10 = no purchase. Let me know when it's included in an ultimate edition or half price and I'll think about it.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@Ovirew EXACTLY what I'm getting today; DAII DLC + This one :)

Avatar image for James00715

@qUaRaNt1n3 That's basically the norm with Bioware. Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2 cost $10 for 2-3 hours. The other DLCs were only $7, but also only 1.5 hours to beat. The only DLC with good prices are full-on expansions, but very few developers make expansions anymore. In other news, Valve removed DA2 from Steam as EA refused to release the Legacy DLC on Steam.

Avatar image for Ovirew

The dragon age 2 DLC came out yesterday. My girlfriend got it. Just sayin.

Avatar image for Fayt1986

not even gunna bother with DA2 dlc why should i pay for story when the main game doesnt even have one.... oh and only 5 areas over and over again.

Avatar image for qUaRaNt1n3

not happy with this DA2 DLC. paid $10 for about 3 hours of game play... very upset... plus the BIIIIIIIg weapon u get is not as strong as the one i already had... not cool ..

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Avatar image for digi-demon

so no-one gives a tap about from dust then....

Avatar image for Setsuka13

From what I can tell, Dragon Age DLC is usually pretty decent. This one sounds intriguing, but for 10 bucks, hopefully it is somewhat lengthy.

Avatar image for cjburnfist

So.... Dragon age II DLC crap or good?