Xbox Live Update: Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC

Microsoft's online platform updated with new content for People Can Fly's shooter; Games on Demand adds Toy Story 3, Raven Squad, and Sonic and Sega All Stars with Banjo Kazooie.


No Caption Provided Next week, the Gears of War 3 beta comes to Xbox Live, but this week, the focus is on Bulletstorm and Toy Story.

Leading the pack this week on Xbox Live is the Gun Sonata (800 Microsoft points, or $10) downloadable content for People Can Fly's well-reviewed first-person shooter/kicker Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm's universe grows with new content out today.
Bulletstorm's universe grows with new content out today.

The Gun Sonata downloadable content for Bulletstorm includes three new maps for the game's Anarchy multiplayer mode: the murky Sewers of Stygia, the ruins of Hotel Elysium, and the more expansive Villa. Additionally, the new DLC adds two new environments for the game's score-attack Echo mode: Crash Site and Guns of Stygia.

Further, gamers will earn additional ways to kill with skill with the Gun Sonata content. Two new Leash enhancements are bundled with the DLC: the Flamingo and the Pulp.

Switching to the Games on Demand hub, Microsoft added three new games to the spot today, the first of which is Avalanche Software's warmly received Toy Story 3 ($30). The other two new Games on Demand titles out now are the "100 percent bad" Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger ($20) and the praised Sonic and Sega All Stars with Banjo Kazooie ($30).

One new demo is live this week and it is for THQ's Kinect game Fantastic Pets. The sampler gives players a first look and feel for the game that has players nurturing, playing with, and training their pets, which can be lizards, dogs, cats, horses, or others.

Also now available on Xbox Live are the Red Dead Redemption preorder bonuses. The Deadly Assassin Outfit, Golden Guns Weapon Pack, and War Horse content are now available for 80 Microsoft points, or $1 apiece.

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DLC??? To steal more of your money !!!!

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Also the Alan Wake DLC "The Writer" is 50% off...which is a much more reasonable price point.

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@Viiper i agree not all fps need those modes but imo this is one of thos game that could benefit from that style of play with these weapons.

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the MK demo for XBL maybe out after the game's release, it has happen for other games, but the some may think that Sony paid for the exclusive, i might agree

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i guess xbox live is just not getting a mortal kombat demo then?

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@jadefury27 not every game needs that. in keeping with the theme of being different i hope it never will have those things.

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Still no Mortal Kombat demo? Guess there's no point now since it comes out next week.

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@pokecharm if you enjoyed the toy story movie you'll most likely enjoy the game, very short though

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Still no Castlevania Lords of Shadow DLC? What gives? Sony had it up two weeks ago!

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love bulletstorm but i wish it had actual tdm or free for all. shooting npc's gets a little old.

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At some point i want to pick up Bulletstorm. My game backlog is growing...

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I need to get home and get those RDR bonuses! Curious about the Toy Story game...