Xbox Live overhaul due in November

Dashboard ad for Rock Band 2 indicates Microsoft's fall update that adds avatars, Netflix integration will arrive in two months.


Mounting evidence continues to point toward November as the month in which Microsoft will roll out its anticipated Xbox Live dashboard overhaul. Although the publisher has yet to make an official announcement beyond the broad fall window, the first indication that the fall update would arrive in November came last month. At that time, a little-known UK blog came away from a Microsoft event and nonchalantly tossed out the month as straight from a representative of the company. However, that story was later retracted.

The ad in question.
The ad in question.

Today, a more substantial indicator has arrived. An Xbox Live dashboard ad for MTV Games and Harmonix's recently released Rock Band 2 surfaced today (pictured), urging users to "Check out the New Xbox Experience coming in November." [Emphasis added.] Though the proclamation appears straightforward, Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Microsoft's fall Xbox Live dashboard overhaul--aka the New Xbox Experience--adds a number of new and requested features to the publisher's already-popular online service. The highest profile of these tweaks is customizable avatars, which will be unique to each gamer's profile and play largely into the new community channel.

As detailed during this year's E3 Media & Business Summit, other features slated to be included with the dashboard update include Netflix integration, the ability to install games to the console's hard drive, and various new display resolutions and aspect ratios, to name a few.

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