Xbox Live Is Down Right Now For Some [UPDATE: FIXED!]

Xbox Live was "experiencing errors" as players were unable to log into Xbox Live or find matches.


[Update: Xbox Live has now returned to normal operation, according to the Xbox Live Status website]

Xbox Live is down again. Microsoft confirmed that the online network is experiencing issues for the second time in less than a week. The issues are pretty serious, as some people are unable to log into Xbox Live or, if they can connect, they're struggling to find matches.

As always, your mileage may vary. For some, Xbox Live remains online and available with no interruptions. Xbox Live is a global network that relies on server infrastructure that exists around the world and depends on a number of different factors for smooth operation.

For what it's worth, Microsoft says it's "currently investigating" the newest Xbox Live issues.

The new Xbox Live downtime appears to be connected, at least in part, to COVID-19 (coronavirus). With many offices and schools closed, more people are at home, and this is putting an extra strain on online networks, including Xbox Live.

The Xbox Live Status website shows that Xbox Live's "core services" are currently impacted--this includes the basics like signing in and playing games. Also, "Purchase and Content Usage" is also experiencing issues.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter that Xbox Live usage is "up on almost everything."

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