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Xbox Live Gold Requirement For Free-To-Play Games Is One Step Closer To Ending

Soon you won't need to pay extra to play free-to-play multiplayer games on Xbox.


The Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games looks like it's even closer to ending for good. Microsoft has rolled out the latest preview for Xbox Insiders, and one of the key changes is that "Omega" users no longer need Xbox Live Gold for some free-to-play games. The takeaway here is that Omega is the final "ring" in the Xbox Insider program, which suggests Microsoft may soon drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for everyone. This follows news of that eventually happening just a few months ago.

The Omega ring (via VG247) is free and open to anyone--all you have to do is sign up for Xbox Insider program and opt in. Additionally, Omega users no longer need Xbox Live Gold to use Looking 4 Group or Party Chat features

Currently, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone do not support free multiplayer, but Microsoft said it is working with Bungie and Activision to address the situation. Microsoft said these games require an update to get rid of the Xbox Live Gold requirement, and this necessitates coordination with the developers.

Not only is the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games going away, but Microsoft is phasing out the name Xbox Live Gold as well. In the future, the service will be known as Xbox Network, though you will still need a subscription to play non free-to-play games online.

Microsoft announced a price hike for Xbox Live Gold earlier this year, but the company swiftly reversed this due to a wave of negative feedback. As part of this, Microsoft also confirmed that the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games was going away, and now it's actually happening.

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