Xbox Live bug wiping achievements

Microsoft recommending those who have lost emblems, Gamerscore to sign out and back in again, or re-download their profiles.


Xbox 360 players have been accruing achievements and Gamerscores since the system launched more than six years ago, but some of those tallies are being mistakenly reset today.

Where are your achievements now, Ozymandias420?
Where are your achievements now, Ozymandias420?

Microsoft's official Xbox Support Twitter page has been replying to dozens of user complaints about having their achievements wiped out and their Gamerscores reset. Some users reported it happening on startup, while others said they lost their information after downloading a game update or earning a new achievement.

The Xbox Support Twitter page has suggested two remedies to the situation so far, but hasn't said they should work in every case. First, affected users are advised to sign out of their Xbox Live profile and sign back in. If that doesn't work, they are being asked to re-download their Xbox Live profiles. There is also an ongoing thread on the Xbox Live support forums for users to report continuing issues.

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