Xbox Live 1.0 permanently shuts down today

[UPDATE] Thursday now final day of online play for original Xbox games, be they disc based, downloaded, or Xbox Originals downloaded onto 360; service still online after presumed midnight deadline passes.


[UPDATE] As Thursday began, many people were actively playing the original Xbox Live, hoping to see it take its proverbial final breath. But when the chimes of midnight struck--nothing happened. It seems Microsoft has decided to add a twist to the proceedings.

"We aren't saying exactly when we'll be flipping the switch," wrote Xbox Live operations manager Eric Neustadter on the Xbox Live Operations Blog.

Using his his Gamertag "e," the veteran developer also reminisced about the soon to be gone service, saying: "It's the end of an era, and there’s definitely an odd vibe in the air at Xbox HQ right now. Re-Volt, Ghost Recon, MechAssault, RTCW, Halo 2 and more--we'll miss you!"

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April 15 is rued by many in the US as the day they must file their taxes. However, the date will live in infamy worldwide for diehard online players of original Xbox games, who will find themselves locked out of Xbox Live as of 12:01 a.m. PDT tonight.

"It lives now…only in my memory."

The move will end online support for all original Xbox games, including digital copies of Xbox Originals that were bought for the Xbox 360. Disc-based Xbox games optimized for the Xbox 360, such as Halo 2, will also lose their online modes. Any offline single-player modes will still function normally, and single-player games with no Xbox Live component will be unaffected.

"I want to start by saying this isn't a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox Live community," Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten said in a statement in February.

"Finally, I can go on that scuba trip to Belize!"

Xbox Live began in 2002 on the original Xbox and was the most robust online network of the last generation of consoles. In 2010, it will end as one of the last relics of Microsoft's first console, which was discontinued in 2006.

Since the original Xbox went the way of the Dodo, the first version of Xbox Live was used primarily by players of Halo 2, released in 2004. As one of the first hugely popular non-PC first-person shooters, the game apparently sustained enough of a user base for Microsoft to maintain its legacy online service.

This year, though, the company finally decided the older service was no longer worth maintaining. One theory is that to prepare for the May 3 Halo: Reach beta, Microsoft must do some behind-the-scenes retooling of the service that could not be performed while Xbox Live 1.0 was still up and running.

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I see xbox connect making a come back, never fear 1.0 fans you may see a method of playing online return.

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To be honest, $50 a year for XBL is not bad. It's no different than paying for a new game each year so I don't see why the fuss, especially if you are getting what you paid for. (Well, at least I am, I love XBL)

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One less reason to own an Xbox 360. Serously, did all the people at Micro$oft eat a bowl of stupid the morning they came up with this idea? Did they not think of the people that payed big bucks for the Premium and Elite configurations that particularly wanted to get the most out of their systems? I payed more than $400 on my Dark Knight edition Xbox 360!

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Goodbye Xbox Live, thank you for introducing me to online gaming and started a strong demand for such a service. You will be missed.

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Life is Change

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Although in the last generation I was a SONY gamer,,,but I must say the old XBOX needs a SALUTE...........At least there were no RROD s or VIDEO FAILURE problems at that time........

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Damn!! no more drunken midnight matches of MechAssault!!

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RIP Xbox Live One...It does make me kinda sad knowing that XB 1 is no more. I mean I only got on there two or three times a month anymore and that was to play either Halo 2 or SW Battlefront 2. What really stinks is thinking back about all the good times and great games i was involved in with those two games over the years. Team Slayer and Gulch Wars...those were some good times. There was nothing better then getting out of an exam freshman year and going back to the dorm and popping in some Halo. Anyway the point is I know we all had some good times on Original Xbox and there is no reason to stop now. If Microsoft with their billions of dollars is to cheap to keep it going then you must adapt and improvise. EVERYONE GO DOWNLOAD XBOX CONNECT AND KEEP THE GOOD TIMES GOING. Long Live Xbox 1!!!_we'll miss you *Salute*

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Man, wish I would have gotten online last night to download all the maps for Halo 2 I bought and be able to play them split-screen. To point out something though, I don't remember the last time I loaded up Halo 2.

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Yea i think this is BS we paided for it it should still be supported. Its like when they tried to shut down support for windows 95/2000. all the business that bought it we pissed, they had to continue supporting it for a few more years.

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Perhaps now they can get more players in multiplayer games - the limit of 24 on most games is a little frustrating when PC versions of the same game can have more. Would be nice to see an Xbox equivalent of MAG in the future. Don't care too much about the Friends limit being raised - nice to have but not necessary at all for me.

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yes cause nobody plays halo 2 online anymore rite? *sarcasm*

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I'm not bothered really, I'm actually glad they will be able to update it(such as increase the maximum # of friends). but I'm sorry to all those people that liked the games(such as Halo 2) online.

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man i hate this

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@2611mp yeah and the worst part is there punishing everybody with this DRM even the ppl who don't illegally download there game.

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@scotty992 I'd sure hope so

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Snaptrap - little fanboy go play ur gaystation and shut up u know nothing. I have both consol's sad to see XBLv1 go because i played too much halo on it - as for sony and their PSN - it's free because the server's are terrible, don't need to know a lot about it other than the fact I have both consols and play both online and the playstation a hell of a lot less because of how much worse it is, generally - connections, community, efficiency, loading speed of games

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Honestly, I wasn't aware that people were still using it. But there we go, all things come to end eventually.

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@inconnux I think you've got your wires crossed. "Dedicated Servers" perfectly describes XBLv1 and XBLv2. P2P would refer to direct TCP/IP based comm (think Diablo 2 or StarCraft non which doesn't rely on intermediary servers and, as such, can't be "shut down". What you need to differentiate between is publisher DCs and user DCs. If a game's publisher DCs (in this case XBLv1) are shut down but the game allows user DCs, then you are right, the game continues. This is, however, nearly impossible with consoles unless the developer provides PC software to run and maintain a DC and the publisher allows users to run their own DCs for the game. If a game has P2P comm like TCP/IP, then servers aren't even necessary as the host functions like a server during the game, meaning the only way to stop online play would be to shut down the internet or totally convert the net to IPv6 and not patch the game. This would be possible on console games, but couldn't be used reliably for games with more than 4 players for current gen and say 8 players for previous gen considering current tech limitations on consoles (though theoretically the PS3 could work efficiently if developers would actually program for it properly).

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Im sad to see it go but if it is going to make the new xbox live better it will be for the greater good. So many hours on xbox live you served me well =D

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They'll probably do the same thing for 360 users, if there are any working 360's remaining.

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i only wish i could have played more online. well misss you xbox1! *salute*

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i guess it makes sense, i didnt have original xbox live anyway. only got 360 xbox live. but again this makes sense i guess. they must do what they can to give us gamers a better experience. if it will lead up to better gaming in the future, so be it. i still have a few original xbox games, including one of the best, Knights of the Old Republic. i dont need live for those anyway.

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'"I want to start by saying this isn't a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox Live community," How is shutting down services 'the greatest benefit to the Xbox Live community'? I have never owned a Microsoft console and my experience with Xbox Live is very limited, but I just find this comment completely ridiculous Even if they are losing money, they're the third biggest corporation int he world, it's absolutely disgusting. .

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i love the way reading lots of these comments that you are all happy to mock microsoft and xbox live but need i point out that world of warcraft, and any other online mmorpgs are what is ripping people off. xbox live £40 per year, WoW=£9 per month; and for what its worth im more than happy to pay £40 for what seems to me to be money well spent. I know PS3 is free but i've had the same old xbox 360 and live since soon after it was released and itt's only evr failed me once.

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Out with the old, in with the new!

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@gnrlstuart how does shutting down the original xboxlive improve natals performance with moving around the dashboard? .. .. .. thats a local thing and xbox live as it is is perfectly capable of handling natal enabled games so i'm not sure what youre on about, and Im not sure you do either

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@General_X not really, all they're doing is shutting down the support and infrastructure for the original xbox games, when was the last time anyone paid specifically for xboxlive 1.0? Its not like they're shutting down the whole of xbox live

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The funny thing is this is a payed service that they're shuting down, whereas PC games from over a decade ago still have strong online components and are also free.

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When they say 'benefit to Xbox live community' they mean people will be forced to pay for Gold on 360 to enjoy a live experience, adding to the masses of people who pay too much for the service already. :)

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see boys and girls this is why P2P networking is bad for gamers. With dedicated servers these games could theoretically go on forever as long as there was a community willing to play them... With P2P you have given up that control to the company and they will decide how long you can play it online. Think next time you buy a game that uses P2P networking.

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well i dont play halo 2 anymore, however nice it is bc2 kicks ass. but i think microsof stated that the closure of xbl 1.0 will incur huge improvements. my take is that they need to get rid of the old tech in order to be able to add more complex types of data through the servers (probably due to natal) for the update that supports natal, and lets you use it not just in games, but to scroll through the dash and move your avatar.

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I may not have played old xbox games that much, but it was always fun to pop in from time to time and play some old school stuff. I'll live but it'll definately be missed.. especially since I only just bought Conker and halo 2 last week :( lol

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Hastalavista :(

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As long as online gaming is still alive, no matter what game it is, I am fine. That's better than nothing.

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Halo 2 is still on!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D squeezing in a few more games before it goes for good :(

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And this is another reason why owning a console these days is rubbish. It allows the developers to kick you around as much as they like, and you can't do a damn thing about it, legally anyway. Add the exorbitant prices on games and it's better to just buy a PC instead. Yeah, I believe the PC was always better than any console.

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Well nice to hear that Halo can keep a console alive, considering how burned out the series is becoming ..... and people complain about madden (HALO REACH MAY BE AN EXCEPTION)

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And so Microsoft proves to be the bigger *******s than Sony. What a surprise. Why not make you re-download your old games for an extra sum while they are at it. I'm glad I don't own an Xbox.

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The "we have to make more room for new content" is B.S., PERIOD! ALL the xbox live games are capable of being played P2P, servers are not needed.

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Avatar image for Suly_K

was fun while it lasted, goodbye halo 2 :'(

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I remember doing some math to see how much time I spent on Halo 2 back in the day and it was about 3.5 months of solid gameplay. Sad to see no one else will be able to enjoy the online for it and other games. Unless they use XBC now :/

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Oh, for the love of...! Come on, we know darned well this isn't for OUR benefit, it's for MS benefit! If it was for our benefit, they'd keep the service running, allow the 360 to play any Xbox game ever made, and then allow the 720 to run any 360 game ever made. Hell, they'd even have volunteer teams creating new content for those games. But the reality is, they want you to buy new stuff. Gamers who are happy with just a few games, and rarely buy new staff, are bad for business.

Avatar image for wiidominance

hmmmm , am not a big fan of server termination news , at all ! this has to be fueled by greed one way or another from Microsoft's part.

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:( snifff sniffff goodbye halo and mech assault 2.

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fairwell old friend!

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"it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox Live community," Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten said What is wrong with this guy's head?

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....and so ends an era. Hope everyone that still has a old Xbox (and still uses it) has made peace with this. I'm sure it's still gotta sting a little. I'm not a Xbox owner or anything, but here's to hoping MS finds some way to compensate all those who've been loyal paying customers.