Xbox Legends Announced

THQ has secured the rights to publish New Legends for the Xbox console.


THQ has revealed that it will be publishing Infinite Machine's action game New Legends for the Microsoft Xbox console. The company announced its support for the Xbox in September and this will be the first game released by THQ for Microsoft's next-generation console. New Legends is a story-driven action game that is played from the third-person perspective. The player takes on the role of Sun Soo, a martial arts and weapons master in near-future China, who must exact revenge on a tyrant named XaoGon. The action is based on both long and short-range attacks. Sun Soo can carry two weapons in each hand; weapons such as rocket launchers can be used to dispose of enemies in the distance, while a broad sword or axe-hammer can be used for hand-to-hand combat. The game is being developed using the versatile Unreal engine.

New Legends was originally in development for the PC and was on the Infogrames publishing roster. At the 2000 E3 Expo it was announced that Infogrames had dropped it from its release list and Infinite Machine initiated negotiations with several other publishers. As a result of its agreement with THQ, the company has halted development on the PC version and is now working with the Xbox console. THQ has not announced a release date at this time, but we expect the game to be ready for the Xbox launch in fall 2001.

To read more about the differences between the PC and Xbox version as discussed by the game's developers take a look at our second news story on the game. Additionally, our hands-on and first impressions of the now-defunct PC version of the game are linked below.

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