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Xbox June Update Out Now, Here's What It Does



The latest Xbox firmware update has arrived, ushering in a set of changes and improvements. Microsoft ran through the changes in a blog post, and we are highlighting the key takeaways below.

First off, the update gives players more personalization options for their backgrounds. Players previously had to choose if they wanted a dynamic background or game art when hovering over a title. But with this new update, users have both options available at the same time. You can find this new option by navigating this way: Settings > General > Personalization > My Background > Show selected game art. Additionally, a new setting allows players to change the color of their dynamic background without changing their default profile color.

The latest Xbox update is out now
The latest Xbox update is out now

The June update also makes changes to wireless settings with the aim of making it easier to switch between Wi-fi networks if you need to do that, like in the event you bring your Xbox on a trip. Your Xbox can now remember up to 10 networks, and you can now connect to them without inputting a password again.

Additionally, this new update allows users to manage their subscriptions directly from the Xbox instead of outside the console platform. Microsoft also noted that users might see experimental features in June, including different Game Pass page layout styles, more information in search card results, and the ability to find specific people using search.

Beyond the console updates, Xbox wireless controllers are getting a new firmware update this June. Specifically, the Xbox Adaptive controller now has support for additional USB accessories, with each port now supporting up to 12 buttons, along with a second stick, and a hat switch.

For the Xbox App on PC, the June update introduces a new Game Pass "sub navigation" menu that makes it easier to browse through the catalog. In terms of cloud gaming changes, players can now self-manage game data and cloud saves to help out in situations like troubleshooting corrupted save data or resetting a game to its original state for anyone who wants to start a game over. Finally, mouse and keyboard support for cloud gaming is now available for all players following a testing period.

Many of these features were made available first to members of the Xbox Insider program, which is free to join and open for everyone.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft announced three new Xbox consoles during the Xbox Games Showcase, including a $600 Xbox Series X with a 2 TB hard drive.

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