Xbox Jedi Starfighter

LucasArts' second Starfighter game is coming to the Xbox.


Though an official announcement has not been made, GameSpot has confirmed with LucasArts that Jedi Starfighter is indeed coming to the Xbox, though it will not be a special edition like the first Starfighter game for the Xbox. In Jedi Starfighter, players assume the role Adi Gallia, a Jedi pilot from Episode I, and Nym, a character featured in the original Starfighter. Adi must stop a plot that involves the destruction of the Jedi, while Nym must fight to reclaim his home planet from the Trade Federation. The game also includes a new split-screen cooperative mode where two players can go through missions together.

The Xbox version of Jedi Starfighter is scheduled for release in May. The PlayStation 2 version is still on track for a March 11 release.

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