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Xbox Japan Boss “Resigns” Amid Poor Sales Results

Microsoft moves Takashi Sensui to new role in Redmond.

Microsoft has sold about 40,000 Xbox One's in Japan since its September launch
Microsoft has sold about 40,000 Xbox One's in Japan since its September launch

Takashi Sensui, the general manager of Xbox in Japan, has reportedly “resigned” from his role as the Xbox One continues to struggle in the region.

However, Sensui will remain at the company, moving to Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters to take on the role of General Manager for the Interactive Entertainment Business. He will report to Xbox VP Mike Nichols and provide a link between Xbox's US and Japan teams.

Considering his transfer, it is unclear whether Sensui resigned or, perhaps, has been promoted. According to a Kotaku translation of the Japanese games publication Famitsu, Sensui is reportedly “stepping down”. GameSpot has contacted Microsoft for clarification.

Xbox Japan is undergoing a management shake-up, with its execs Yoshinami Takahashi and Nobuyoshi Yokoi now in charge of the business.

The changes come amid grim sales results for Xbox One in the region, with the console often selling less than 1,000 units on a weekly basis. Since its Japan launch in September, the Xbox One has sold to about 40,000 customers.

By comparison, in 2005 Microsoft shipped an estimated initial batch of 159,000 Xbox 360s across Japan, of which about 62,000 were sold in the first two days alone.

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