Xbox Home Button Functionality Changing to Help Improve "Speed and Ease of Access"

These sound like some welcome changes.


In addition to announcing new details on the next update for Windows 10 and the Xbox app on PC, Microsoft also shared some insight into what's coming up in the future for Xbox One.

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In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft said an update is coming that changes the Xbox Home button functionality to make it faster to perform common tasks. "Through one press of the Xbox button on your controller, you'll be able to pull up the newly enhanced Guide as an overlay on the left side of your screen no matter what you're doing," Microsoft said.

On top of this, Microsoft it is "rebuilding" some of the Xbox One's "most popular multitasking experiences" in an effort to increase "speed and ease of access."

Here is an example that Microsoft provided regarding how this change should do just that:

"You'll be able to start recording your GameDVR clips, adjust your recording length, and access your captures directly in the Guide. We'll also add a new Achievement tracking overlay, Gamerscore Leaderboard, a new Cortana design, and controls for background music, making these features easier to use."

Go to the Xbox Wire to read the full statement from Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra.

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