Xbox Hires Former Tomb Raider Boss, Teases News For E3

Microsoft hires an industry veteran who also worked at Sony, Rockstar, THQ, and other companies.


The Xbox games team has made a big new hire. Microsoft Studios boss Matt Booty announced today that the company has hired former Tomb Raider and Activision boss Darrell Gallagher to work on the Microsoft Studios Executive Leadership Team.

Booty said he's "thrilled" for Gallagher to join the team, adding that he is "excited to share more at E3." For his part, Gallagher said he is "excited to be part of the team," teasing that there are "good things to come." Intriguingly, he used the hashtag #E32018 on his tweet. Even all-around Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, chimed in to welcome Gallagher to the team.

Gallagher has worked in video games for decades. According to his LinkedIn page, Gallagher started as Head of Creative at Sony in 1997, before joining Rockstar Games in 2004 as a lead artist. He later moved to THQ to become an Art Director, then he joined Crystal Dynamics as its Art Director in 2005. He was promoted to Studio Head at Crystal Dynamics/Eidos in 2009, before getting promoted again to Head of Product Development and Studios at Square Enix in 2013. In 2016, he joined Activision as SVP and Head of Development before finally coming to Microsoft. Needless to say, he brings a wealth of experience to the Xbox team.

Microsoft is changing things up this year with its E3 showing, which it says will be the company's "biggest" ever. We don't know exactly what to expect at this stage, but one possibility is the reveal of Halo 6, which has been discussed but not formally revealed. Microsoft is also said to be working on a PlayStation Now-like game-streaming service separate from Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox E3 2018 briefing takes place on Sunday, June 11. There will also be briefings from Sony, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, and others--here is the full schedule so far.

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What would really be big news is if Microsoft hired developers like Amy henning and other developers who left Sony that are well known.

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They (MS) can have Lara Croft herself working for Xbox and still won't mean anything unless;

1. STOP cross play and restore Xbox One its exclusivity.

2. Contract new studios, give them freedom of creation + Funds to work on brand new IPs one of which a potential AAA title.

3. Announce 2-3 games at E3 EXCLUSIVE to Xbox (one potential AAA title)

4. Give Halo, Gears & Forza a break for a year or 2, Halo 5 was not very well received compared to old Halo titles so was Gears 4 and there are a LOT of Forzas out there, no need for more, focus on new IPs.

5. Keep working on that direction.

Might add, this generation for Xbox brand in terms of;

* Sales: Lost

* Worldwide popularity: Lost

* Games: Lost

Most of the news coming from MS for the Xbox One are features (power/online) for the last 3 years at least most of which simply do not mean a lot to average consumer/gamer.

Sadly Xbox One is getting destroyed by competition, the good news, there is always a next Gen, just COPY competition and things will be alright, Sony are just doing points above and repeating them sine PS day one.

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@berrlett: Gears already had a 2 year break what are you talking about lol.

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A year and a half 4 was out October 2016 if I remember well :) but there are couple of things around this;

1. Would you rather have a good new IP even a shooter so that MS can focus on working on that ? or another Gears ?

2. Lets say you prefer another Gears as an Xbox player you want to see Xbox One brand growing, shouldn't they release it on Xbox One only (this is an original Xbox exclusive IP).

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@berrlett: I don't want another Gears for at least another 2 years. Gears 4 is good for now. TC should work on another IP.

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@berrlett: You know, I'm getting curious every time I see that statement. Historically, consoles are sold at a loss to build an install base for software sales and accessories to attempt to make a profit (with some exceptions).

With this in mind: How is releasing a game on multiple platforms a negative for the company? And to cover another point: It's highly unlikely this sort of move will kill the Xbox console, when it's pretty clear what purpose a home console has in this market.

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You are right to a point, whoever tells you these companies sell consoles AT A LOSS tell them its a big fat lie, its huge majority of time on a break even basis to allow software to make the numbers unless sht goes wrong like Sega years back. The Xbox One, specially the X has potential and its the only console out there that rivals a med to high end PC at a much better price + all the console advantages but this is specs, problem is you're not giving it power by restoring at least part of its exclusivity to help its case, otherwise the number of Halos you sell over PC can be easily made over Xbox if it was exclusive to it so Xbox as a brand is a success (yes, right now it isn't).

Just Remember we're chatting on a gaming site that 90% of people who own a console or planning on picking up one not aware this other similar sites even exist (casual gamers) they go out to the market right now PS4 and Switch is more appealing (facts proven by ww sales & numbers) Because of Sony aggressive Exclusive campaigns (GOD OF WAR ONLY ON PS4) soon (SPIDER-MAN ONLY ON PS4) or (MARIO ODYSSEY ONLY ON NSW) so just think for a second what shift this could have (HALO ONLY ON XBOX ONE) even casual gamers know Halo right ?

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I believe the reason MS is struggling and probably will never lead console sales again is in the answer to your comment. Xbox community sends messages to MS that everything is OK, they are happy to be a part of strong community; they all say exclusives don't sell enough and do boost console sales either.

I really wish those are just MS community moderators but it's not true: they are all real and they all think xbox is doing ok and even better than PlayStation. If the sales do not reflect that is because of global conspiracy against MS.

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Thats what scares most and annoys me most to be honest and I see heaps of them on YouTube and other social media apps and just hope no one from MS is watching or listening and take this for a confirmation Xbox is Gold and doing great and tramping competition although I am certain they are (MS/XB) not that naive. I don't mind people defending whatever they like but at least be reasonable about it and help to push it forward by criticizing and questioning rather than false praising. Xbox One, S, X is getting destroyed worldwide even in the US sales its behind big time, games its behind big time, popularity its behind big time, devs and reviewers choice its behind big time and you know honestly here in Europe its not even 10 to 1 compared to PS4 or N Switch in terms of sales and these guys go around and spread BS on how happy they are with a lost case.

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@berrlett: your points stink and i dont agree with half of em.

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Thanks Alex, so they stink but you agree with half of them ?? :)

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@berrlett: yyup :)

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@berrlett: Just a few counters to your points -

#1 - Why? By selling games on the PC and the XB1 they make up what they lose in market share on game sales vs the PS4 who can ONLY sell their games to PS4 owners. That's just good business sense.

#2 - Agreed on this point, but would also add bring in new leadership with new ideas, of which this is a step in that direction.

#3 - Also agree, but at this point any number of exclusives would apply also considering my first counterpoint.

#4 - Disagree. The development cycles this generation and the next ensure that a break of this length is not needed and the time it takes to create a new title in the series will ensure that there will be a long enough break between releases.

#5 - Have you not been paying attention? Evry major announcement MS has made since Spencer has been in place, have all been positive, pro-gamer moves. They just need to get some more big games out to the people, and they will be alright.

To your other bullets:

Sales - MS had the lead coming into this GEN and blew it by basically going with Kinect and DRM and telling gamers they would like it. This turned off gamers in an unprecedented way this gen, and it has taken some time for MS to get them back. They still have a ways to go, but back to my #1 counterpoint they are not losing money. They are losing out on the fact that they should be making MORE money.

Worldwide Popularity - NO American company will ever win Asia...period. That being said see my previous paragraph. They are making a slow comeback, but need some big news to really drive it home.

Games - Goes back to points 1-3. Games do sell systems but that is not all. Nintendo has more exclusives that anyone, but they are not #1.

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1. Keywords (Point of Sale/Incentive) for people to drop 200-500 EUR/USD on a console when they can actually buy the game for cheaper on W10. Give me a weapon as a business owner in the industry so I can sell Xbox One (outside the USA where apparently people buy it to fry eggs).

2. Agree, although I do feel Phil is doing OK and he'll do even better if gets more funds from upstairs.

3. Good we agree but disagree on exclusivity (refer to point 1).

4. Fine, but for the original Xbox One titles such as Halo, Gears and Forza bring them home only to Xbox one, release all the rest on MS platforms. Here in Europe we used to have this Logo (Xbox the only home to play Halo) not sure you had this in the US, X360 days and it was doing very good.

5. Key words (Big Games) I own a relatively big business in this industry I always pay attention, you on the other hand need to count what does really matter as positive news. In this case its only GAMES. you count all other features facts won't change, Xbox One is still lagging behind big time because of lack of new, AA or AAA exclusives.

Google, Tesla (as its the case right now), Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble are all big name companies that at some point made a mistake and bounced back, you can't just keep blaming the launch of Xbox One 5 years ago till now but you can surely question MS what has been done to correct it. there aren't million ways to correct by the way, its a GAMING console, it means Games + Point of Sale (Incentive)

Some Parts of Asia is considered a good commercial opportunities, certainly growing really fast but still behind say for instance Europe where big majority of people play games are what you could call average consumer, i.e likes games but doesn't know brands, devs etc. There is certainly a big margin of improvement for MS/Xbox if they do the right thing.

I do this for a living mate..... GAMES SELL SYSTEMS your Nintendo example is invalid because its marketed in a different way, it targets certain audience and by the way here in Europe its selling better than Xbox One, well the Switch is.

Not sure if you do something for a living, if you work in some place and doing alright but the person sitting next to you is doing great, your manager will tell you to just sit, listen and copy that colleague.. thats what MS/Xbox One needs. Simple just copy Sony and things will improve for sure.

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@berrlett: Seriously?

I dont agree with most of what youve said.

1. Microsoft has an install base of over 40 Million easily on Xbox and obviously some amount on Windows 10. Exclusives being on PC dilutes console exclusivity but definitely is the most pro consumer and inviting consumers to Microsoft's ecosystem. This brings in money and good will. And obviously if it wasnt successful there would be no Game Pass. Game Pass is a game changer for console gamers, because theyre VALUE hunters. I love my games and ive NEVER played more games than I am playing now, and its all thanks to Xbox One X and services.

2. Multi Plats at Native 4K on close to highest end PC experiences. PC hardware is at an all time expensive and Xbox One X gives you a high end experience for an amazing price of entry. If i didnt already have a PS4 pro, I would likely watch a playthrough of God of War and be done with it. But i am not likely to buy my multiplats on Pro. Theyre low res when compared to Native 4K on my 4K TV, and theyre barebones upgraded from the base PS4. It makes no sense for me to invest in Sony for multi plat when the platform features such as Gameplay recording are stuck at 1080p 30 fps, when on Xbox I can record a full hour of 4K 60fps.

3. Backward Compatibility. Man. I cant tell you how amazing it was to play Red Dead Redemption at native 4K. A free upgrade for older back compat titles. Plus, what feels like hundreds of older Xbox 360 games that are classics and ive missed out on. Xbox is a value console. If you count the amount of overall available games including back compat, Xbox Games library kills Sony.

4. Exclusive Games. This is the only reason I own a PS4 Pro. And Sony first party games are amazing. I love them. Cant wait to play God of War, and Spiderman, and ive enjoyed the past couple years of Sony games. But thats about it. thats all i use my Playstation for. I just hope they can keep it up? Most of these amazing games are coming from a multi year investment from Sony. Last E3 showed us exactly what the biggest concern can be. I dont think that Sony can keep us this momentum of amazing, single player, AAA experiences because most exclusives lack big replayability features. I do not have any second playthroughs on any Sony exclusives. I buy, play, trade in and move on to the longer 3rd party games such as Far Cry 5, Witcher 3, Dishonored, Ghost Recon, Siege, Assassins Creed.....

10-15 hours of single player cant keep a playerbase forever. Horizon Zero dawn is Sony's ONLY exception to this rule.

As for worldwide popularity, all the sales charts show that Xbox One X has beaten PS4 Pro worldwide by a big margin. That being said, Sales arent everything and Xbox Exclusives also sell well. Battlegrounds sold a few million. Sea of Thieves, despite its reception was a commercial success. State of Decay 2 looks excellent.

You know what they all have in common? Theyre all games you can put months of time into and keep growing from.

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1. WHAT ?

2. Again WHAT ?

3. Thats the Saddest thing I heard this week, please tell me you didn't play RDR1 this year or last.. Its good majority of your mates defending MS/Xbox one didn't bring this up as they all sound a bit more educated in this business and this BWC is a Lost Case.

4. I really believe its better for you to sell your PS4 PRO and all other consoles/PC, you clearly got it all wrong.

*As for worldwide popularity, all the sales charts show that Xbox One X has beaten PS4 Pro worldwide by a big margin* /hahahah WHAT ???

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Instead of saying 'What' like 6 times without making a legible argument if you dont agree with me, why not do something more productive?

I spoke on things from a consumer point of view.

You imply that Back compat doesnt matter? Xbox did all console gamers a huge favor by showing companies its value. This is why Sony will most likely make the next Playstation backwards compatible.

Obviously, since you had no arguments to offer, lets just look at it in a summative way. Xbox does not have the sales advantage but is still a big success with its huge playerbase.

Xbox DESTROYS PLaystation in terms of:

Game Experience, Graphics and Power for Developers

Online Services and Social

Game Library, Diversity, and Back Compat

Value for Consumers through Games with Gold, Game Pass, EA Access

The only thing Playstation brings are a dozen or so quality single player experiences, some of which have already come to Xbox due to Timed Exclusivity.

And for that one reason, owning a Playstation is great. And no, I wont sell it, not without playing GOW and the new Spiderman. Ive owned every single Playstation, but fanboys such as yourself need to look at the bigger gaming picture and call Sony out on their anti consumerism. Stop paying for Back Compat that does not work offline, or even work well online. Stop paying for an online service that has been hacked multiple times with actual user info being leaked.

Stop defending a company that refuses cross play and claims 'No one cares about Back Compat' and 'Cross Play cant happen to protect the kids from Nintendo or Xbox Live or whatever' and shows you the same exclusives 3 E3's in a row.

Sony is dangerously close to their PS3 Era arrogance. And you fanboys just swallow it up with a smile. Lol

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You know you lost the argument when you start calling people fanboys etc. I am sure you read in other threads I am an owner of a gaming franchise in Europe main and actually even if you go back to my initial thread my entry is a lot more productive and helpful to the Xbox One probably than anything you've stated here or else where.

You know what, I'll actually take the time and break it to you as simple as it can be in a very short lesson maybe you can finally pick it up.

you love MS/Xbox, thats great, its NOT doing well. That Pro consumer you appreciate about it is going downwards because these Pro Consumer points DO NOT sell consoles, Games do, new IPs do, Exclusivity and the way the it is marketed does, not power, not online, not gold, not silver, not game pass, certainly NOT BWC.

what time is it there ? having a drink ? :) how is Xbox Game library is better than Sony ???

Game experience ?

Power ?

Graphics ?

Online service and social ?

Diversity ?

Value ?

Gold ?

you might want to add to that and turn to Phil and shout WHERE ARE THE GAMES BUDDY ?

I sincerely hope Sony won't add BWC to PS5 gamers generally moved out of this years ago if not decades ago.

Its a business, you don't need to take it personal, Sony is not my friend or a family member they can be pro or anti consumer all they want its their sht/image NOT mine what matters its a success in every possible and conceivable way and they usually do not change a winning formula.

Read above again in no way I defended Sony or anyone else I defend the industry because this is how I make a living.

if I call Sony a success or MS needs to copy them because this is a fact not because I like Sony but more to help the Xbox One so stop being sensitive and look at it objectively your name is Wayne ..... not Wayne Microsoft LOL.

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@berrlett: To address all these points individually.

1. Why on earth would they stop cross-play/cross-buy when they are the platform holders of both? They make more money by offering games on both PC and Xbox. Make no sense to make games purely Xbox exclusives, when the PC gaming market is just as big as console. Also console sales make little to no money, most profit comes from software sales, so why deny the company potential sales, if it's to appease fanboys then absolutely not!

2. I agree they should certainly be doing this. But how do you know they're not? They have said that they won't reveal games still far off into the future, it makes knowing what they have coming out frustrating, but they have said they are investing in more exclusive games - you're just going to have to wait to see them.

3. Well this is likely to happen. Forza Horizon 4 is a given, Halo 6 very likely, Ashen and there's talk of a new Perfect Dark being in development and not to mention the new Fable game. Though it'll be Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive.

4. I agree Forza NEEDS a break. Though turn 10 are there to make Forza games, but how about something more akin to Twisted Metal - shake things up a bit. Halo 5 still has a pretty large player base and the last mainline Halo game came out in 2015, so it's hardly being milked like Call of Duty, the next game will likely release in 2019 so that's a 4 year gap. Nothing has been announced for Gears of War 5 and rumour has it part of the Coalition is working on the new Perfect Dark game along with another developer. Halo and Gears are still their biggest franchises and they sell consoles - they don't need a break they just need to be good.

5. Not sure what any of this means. But at the end of the day, who really cares? Xbox one has sold enough to warrant Microsoft to stay in the gaming world. No it's not sold PS4 numbers and the switch will likely overtake the Xbox one in 2 years, but you don't have to come first to be successful.

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@graffitiheart: I think that this E3 will show a lot in terms of exclusives. Id temper my expectations, but I think exclusives is the only problem Xbox has anymore. They have a big enough consumer base to bring last year's PS4 3rd party exclusives to Xbox in better experiences - Hellblade being one of them.

Personally, I think Xbox as a platform is WAY more attractive than Sony right now. Multiplats really matter. Exclusives matter big time, but the best multiplats matter more to a lot of people. Especially in a world where a GTX 1080 TI is starting to cost a kidney. Even RAM prices are up. I was primarily a PC gamer. Not anymore. My GTX 1070 cant give me Xbox One X levels of graphics in many games.

But yeah, E3 will be telling. I can speculate that we'll see Turn 10's new Fable, maybe Perfect Dark, sort sort of Splinter Cell exclusivity + Announcement, Halo 6 as a massive PC and Xbox franchise with a return to its roots, Ori 2, maybe an unknown couple of AA level exclusives rather than AAA. I also expect Crackdown to be remodeled a bit, considered they delayed it right after the internet decided its classic cell shaded model wasnt good enough. All in all, im sure all eyes will be on Microsoft and they might win E3 this year again. Last year was a major win because Sony's E3 was just...well, maybe thats just my opinion.

I also think there is a chance for them to showcase Mixed Reality on Xbox One X. seeing as Mixed Reality is now compatible with Steam VR on Windows 10, I believe we are close to seeing it on Xbox because its a lot more affordable than VIVE, Oculus, or even PSVR. But this could be pushed to next year.

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Thanks for your input graffitiheart.

Why on earth ?? in your opinion, where is Sea of thieves played most on PC or Xbox ?? give consumers/gamers incentive to buy Xbox One. How about reserve certain titles traditionally known as Xbox powerhouses such as Halo 6, Gears 5 if any, the Forzas (although I still believe they should focus on new stuff and leave those out for another year) but how about reserving these for Xbox One Only. I for one will surely get State of decay 2 & Ashen, where do you think am going to play them and not bother with another console ?

Commercial Operations 101, Your product/service in any giving market can not fall behind by a +40% Margin with competition annual/revenue VS sales, if it does, it means 1 of 2 things, either you're doing wrong or accepting the product/service will disappear in the near future or it means you have other plans for it such as selling it to an outside entinty, partnership or merge it. What that means if we're talking 8th generation PS4 is on 70+ Million and lets say Xbox One is on 40 Million (generous estimate) then its on a spiral down. Not saying they should be number one but they MUST absolutely close that gap.

Otherwise I hope you're right and they are contracting NEW fresh studios with NEW fresh ideas for NEW FRESH IPs.

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@berrlett: I really don't think Microsoft cares whether you buy an Xbox or not. That's crux of it, you're in their eco-system regardless. You're using their service, that's what they want. They want to support PC gaming because it's a massive gaming space with a lot of potential sales, offering Halo on both platforms might affect console sales slightly, but a lot of people just prefer console gaming and continue to do so.

They are not going to close the gap, PS4 is too far ahead. By the end of the consoles life cycle (approx 2-3 years time) it'll likely be on around 55-60 million sales (estimate) - which is still very good. But their first party games could sell very high numbers due to the fact the games are also on PC. In fact they have every opportunity for their first party games to outsell Sony due to the fact they are offered on two of their platforms.

Forza Horizon 3 is great example as it's sold incredibly well on both platforms. They can co-exist. Why do they NEED to be exclusive to Xbox one? Other than bragging rights?

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of course they do care if you buy an XBOX or not, its a division of MS with all the division structure of 100s different layers from marketing, development, techs, sales etc etc and I don't see how this a profitable business but in reality I don't know if it is or is it costing MS money to keep afloat money will be naturally borrowed from other business segments/divisions so XBOX can keep going. If this is a fact then it is on a spiral down as you can't just relay on external finances to help the Xbox it has to grow organically. To grow Organically, sell it for what it is (A GAMING CONSOLE WITH GAMES) give people incentive to buy it (EXCLUSIVES) even if you buying an exclusive bundle but in reality you know 99.9% of these consumers will be playing multiplats (CoD, FIFA, NHL) etc but psychologically you sell it much better by showing it as the ONLY home to play Halo (BRAGGING IS GOOD HERE) + Xbox One Halo Bundle + Collector's edition etc. Sony is not reinventing the wheel what they're doing is very simple but it works, we're getting the new GoW everywhere you look it says ONLY on PS + the bundles and the special editions etc over years of repeating the same method the gap with competition is created surely helped by other factors like the bad launch of Xbox one etc but with the right method they can still close the gap not to get to where Sony is at you're right its too much asking but progress steadily towards it.

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Maybe closer ties with square enix and activision based on his past. Will microsoft be more agressive in securing 3rd party exclusivity? Great news tho, hopefully this will make sony more agressive too. Being in the lead makes sony a bit lazy in innovating, m$ and ninty is gaining ground on this part.

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@sakaixx: >Sony

Only if you mean passive-aggressive with "LMAO" memes.

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I hope they have something cool in store for E3.

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After Sea of Theives, everyone cried for more booty... I don't think MS understood.

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Unless it results in more "exclusive" titles down the road, it's not going to matter much.

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@matricks_: Matter much for what? Exclusives don't sell consoles. (Unless you're Nintendo and when all you have is exclusives well you've seen their history of their past few home consoles.) Nine of the ten top sellers on PS4 are multiplats, the one title up there that is an exclusives is a console bundle pack in that wouldn't have moved the amount of copies it had if it had not been bundled in.

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@mcnichoj: Libraries don't sell consoles? News to me, given I've bought a PS4 and Switch for exclusives, and don't own an Xbox One because I have a functioning PC.

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@mcnichoj: The MAIN reason the PlayStation 4 is dominating market by a big sales margin, a lot more popular worldwide, more popular among devs, more popular among reviewers and is a Global brand is because of Sony First Party Exclusives. If you support Xbox One (which I also like) then denying facts is not going to help its case, even if the top 10 most played games on any platform are multiplats the fact is you know/see/told a console has more exclusives such as ... and ... etc even if you're not interested in majority of these exclusives average gamers (which form majority) are sold easily. Of course exclusives sell consoles.

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@berrlett: lol, how am I denying facts when I'm the one throwing them out there? I tried to convince a real life friend to try Killzone as I know they only play on PlayStation, I go to their profile now and see them playing GTAV. Can you guess what the rest of their play history looks like? Every single NBA 2K, every Madden, a couple wrestling games, Watch Dogs 2, Sleeping Dogs, a UFC, Rocket League, Manhunt, 7 Days to Die, San Andreas and Minecraft. He could care less about God of War, Persona, Horizon Zero Dawn and any other "must have" exclusive you could name. The fact they exist won't influence that he's going to buy a PS5.

Yes an exclusive will sell one console to one individual but the majority of consoles will probably never be used to play an exclusive. Microsoft could announce twenty new exclusives at E3, it might move some units but the people like my friend above won't even know E3 is going on let alone care about those new exclusives. They won't ever catch up to PS4 sales with the Xbox One.

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You are 100% spot on. Exclusives even the best of the best quality exclusive games out there are a very small percentage of what a huge majority of casual gamers look at. BUT, when this casual gamer (here in Europe for example are a big majority of those who buy a console) when they walk into a store to buy a console the break is;

7 out of 10 buy a PS4

1.5 out of 10 buy a Switch

1 out of 10 buys an Xbox One (Seriously big IF)

0.5 shared among other console platforms Handheld, 3DS etc.

and guess what I've actually come across people bought the PS4 uncharted 4 bundle image on the box looked cool but they never played uncharted they would have bought this console to go home play fortnite for free with their mates, FIFA or CoD.

The point is, Sony is more ..... garnished, more beautifully decorated they sell you a console but they also know how to sell you a very good looking image even if this image doesn't mean much but also the fact is right now even casual gamers heard of uncharted, Halo, HZD, Mario cart 8 etc from some one they know and ask about them and which console to play them and right now a lot ask for Sony's stuff because of Sony's aggressive in your face campaigns for their games i.e god of war, uncharted, HZD, Persona 5, Yakuza they are all over TV everywhere you drive, not sure if you're writing from the US here in Europe there is a big football (soccer) annual competition called UEFA Champions League which is followed by Millions of Europeans and Sony is in ALL the stadiums, all you see is the PRO + God of war, PRO + Spider-man.

When you sell something and you're not alone in the market you MUST make your product/service distinguishable, different to others and thats what Sony are doing the fact they put ONLY ON PLAYSTATION is taking them much higher in sales and popularity above competition, if MS works on the quality of the next Halo reserve it for Xbox One so it says Halo 6 Only on Xbox you'll see what I mean in a much bigger picture proven by Xbox rising sales (making precious, added value) not only one will pick it up.. a lot more.

By the way, Killzone is shite :)

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@berrlett: The PS4 is more popular with devs because it has the bigger install base. But lets face it the reason PS4 dominated was because of how awful the Xbox one reveal was. It's got to be one of the biggest failures in technology reveals ever. We still talk about it now! How they managed to reverse that initial ill-will is extraordinary. The PS4's first two years were very light on exclusives and many thought the Xbox one's lineup was far stronger, but it still lagged behind.

PS4 exclusives aren't the reason the console has sold double the amount of consoles of the Xbox one, but they certainly helped. I don't believe the average consumer will look at Gravity Rush or Nioh and instantly want the PS4, but the perception that the PS4 has more games will give them a small boost. Uncharted and Halo on the other hand are system sellers, people buy a console for those games, but I think both systems have those types of games.

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@berrlett: Exclusives certainly help selling consoles, but mcnichoj has a point that multiplats are very important as well. I know people who buy consoles just to play fifa or Call of Duty.

Another reason why Sony is dominating the market is Microsoft's abysmal start. I loved the xbox 360 and wanted an xbox one, but when Microsoft introduced DRM and kinect, I was put off and bought a PS4 instead.

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@matricks_: They had plenty of "exclusives" last E3... Every other word at that presentation was "exclusive" yet here we are

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@girlusocrazy: The fact that Microsoft has to put finger quotes whenever they say "exclusive" is exactly the problem.

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@matricks_: Booty will share more at this E3.

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"Booty said he's "thrilled" for Gallagher to join the team."


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Not a big deal at all maybe want him do more online and less content games for Xbox.

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@playstationzone: Yeah we know it's not a big deal to you Tarzan lol