Xbox Grand Theft Auto to feature DIY radio

New feature will let GTA III and Vice City players download their own soundtrack to the console's hard drive.


Grand Theft Auto Double Pack

Everyone agrees that the radio feature in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the coolest things in the games. But even though each one sports a half-dozen-plus radio stations, the games' long-running narrative ensures virtual carjackers will be all too familiar with the looped playlists and repeated talk-radio programs by the time the end credits roll.

However, Xboxers will soon have the option of being their own GTA DJ. Publisher Rockstar confirmed today that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Double Pack will let gamers download their own music to the console's hard drive. "Both titles will have custom soundtrack capabilities," a Rockstar spokesperson told GameSpot today. "Players will be able to create their own stations and can make multiple soundtracks by ripping their favorite CDs onto the Xbox hard drive. We also enhanced the sound quality to make sure each effect was at its best."

The Grand Theft Auto Double Pack is scheduled to hold up retail outlets on November at a not-so-criminal price of $49.99.

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