Xbox Gamescom Stream Recap: All Of Microsoft's Biggest Inside Xbox News

Gears 5 Horde Mode gets a reveal alongside PUBG cross-play and more.


Gamescom, Europe's biggest video game convention, is set to begin this week, and publishers are lining up to present their wares. Microsoft, Google, and Nintendo are all presenting with livestreams and new trailers going out to everyone who couldn't make it to Cologne, Germany. Microsoft's Inside Xbox stream has now ended, and as promised, it delivered new announcements and fresh looks at games. That's not to mention the big news that came during Nintendo's indie broadcast, which is that another Microsoft-published game--Ori and the Blind Forest--is coming to Nintendo Switch.

If you missed Microsoft's Inside Xbox stream, you can watch a replay of the episode below. We've also rounded up all the biggest news from the broadcast to catch you up on the most noteworthy announcements. There's still more to come ahead of Gamescom, however. The Game Awards' Geoff Keighley will formally kick off the festivities with a Gamescom: Opening Night Live presentation, which promises announcements from major publishers and indies alike, new game footage, and special guests. Check out our full schedule of Gamescom press conferences for more.

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Inside Xbox Gamescom 2019 Recap

PUBG Adding Cross-Play On PS4 And Xbox One

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Season 4 update is coming to Xbox One on August 27, but that wasn't the only news developer PUBG Corp. had in store. The studio also revealed that it is adding console cross-play support in the popular battle royale game very soon, allowing PS4 and Xbox One players to play together. Cross-play will be implemented in the game's public test server in late September and is expected to roll out to the live game in early October.

Gears 5 Horde Mode Brings New Ult Abilities

The fan-favorite Horde mode is returning in the upcoming Gears 5, with a few new tweaks. For the first time in the series, each character will have a unique Ultimate Ability in Horde mode, giving them more power to fend off the encroaching waves of enemies. JD, for instance, can call in an air-strike, while Kat can cloak herself.

Halo: Reach Characters Coming To Gears 5

Terminator characters aren't the only ones crossing over into Gears 5; during the Inside Xbox stream, Microsoft revealed that Emile-A239 and Kat-B320 from Halo: Reach will also be appearing in the upcoming Gears game. Both Spartans will be available in Horde, Escape, and Versus modes, as will several Noble Team cosmetics. Like all Gears 5 playable characters, Emile and Kat have their own Ultimate abilities for use in multiplayer.

New Xbox Game Pass Titles Available Now, Including Devil May Cry 5

Microsoft's Game Pass service continues to grow, with seven new titles announced during the Inside Xbox stream. On the Xbox One side, Devil May Cry 5 and Stellaris are both available now, with Ape Out, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Bard's Tale IV: Directors' Cut, and Blair Witch coming later in the month. PC subscribers, meanwhile, can now play Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

New Wasteland 3 Trailer

Microsoft showcased a new trailer for Wasteland 3, the upcoming squad-based RPG by the creators behind the original Fallout. This video focuses on the Desert Rangers responding to a summons from the Patriarch of Colorado.

Two New Xbox One Controllers Revealed

Microsoft didn't just showcase software during its Inside Xbox stream; the company also revealed two new Xbox One controller designs. The first is the the Night Ops Camo; it launches October 8 for $70 and features a camouflage design and a metallic golf D-pad. The second is the Sport Blue controller, which goes on sale on September 17 for the same price and has a unique geometric design with metallic flourishes.

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