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Xbox Games Showcase Will Be Heavy On In-Game And In-Engine Footage From Microsoft

There will be no TV show or movie trailers as part of the presentation, Aaron Greenberg says.


Microsoft might be coy about what games we'll see at the Xbox Games Showcase this weekend, but the company's games marketing vice president, Aaron Greenberg, has dished out a few details about the event. He confirmed that first-party titles at the Sunday event will feature in-game or in-engine footage--none will only be CG.

Greenberg responded to someone on Twitter about what type of footage Microsoft will roll out for the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. "None of our first-party games in the show are full CG trailers," he said. "Everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans."

This clarification also comes on the heels of some grumbling about the amount of CG footage presented at the PlayStation Showcase last month. On top of that, Greenberg offered another reply on Twitter in which he stated "there will be no movie or TV show trailers" at the Xbox Games Showcase. This could be seen as a slight at Sony unveiling a new Gran Turismo movie trailer at the PlayStation Showcase.

The Xbox Games Showcase will be followed by a Starfield Direct, with both events streamed in theaters this weekend. Microsoft has kept things relative quiet on what may appear this weekend so far, though Xbox has teased a new look at Fable.

There's more than just the Xbox Games Showcase happening this week. GameSpot has compiled a not-E3 2023 schedule, with Summer Games Fest, Devolver Digital, and Ubisoft Forward also taking place this month.

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