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Xbox Game Pass Playfully Teases Mysterious New Game On Twitter

In a tweet, the official Xbox Game Pass account teased adding a notable new game that fans are requesting, but it's not clear what game it is.


The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is up to some shenanigans again. Back in September, the account posted an email exchange that not-so-subtly implied that Doom Eternal was coming to the service soon, and it joined the console Xbox Game Pass on October 1. Now, the account is teasing another big addition, but we can't quite tell what game they're referencing.

A "gif with a sinister red light" certainly points to Control Ultimate Edition, since that game uses red and orange hues to represent its antagonist, the Hiss. In the Doom Eternal tweet, internet sleuths quickly discovered that inverting the image's colors revealed a message that all but confirmed that Eternal was the game being discussed. In this tweet, flipping the colors reveals a very different hidden message: "You really think we'd put the tease here again?"

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It's certainly possible that the game is something other than Control--after all, red lights aren't exactly uncommon in big video games--but our money is certainly there. Control Ultimate Edition is the next-gen version of Remedy's paranoid action game, and includes both of its expansions. However, it will only be available as a free upgrade for players who bought the Ultimate Edition on PS4 or Xbox One.

This would be another big get for Xbox Game Pass--the game was one of the best of 2019.

It's not yet clear if this game will come to both the PC and console versions of Xbox Game Pass, which are separate services that offer differing libraries of games. For example, the PC Xbox Game Pass still does not have Doom Eternal as of this writing, with Microsoft previously stating that it will come to the service sometime before the end of the year. For those who want access to both services, as well as EA Play, there's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $15 a month, compared to $10 a month for PC or console alone. However, you can get 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate for $20 as a Black Friday deal.

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